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My name is Rajesh Bihani and I am an astrologer from New Delhi, India.

Contact me for Vedic Astrology Free Consultation online or birth chart analysis.

Plz note: The free consultation is only for 1 horoscope (kundli) through North Indian Vedic birth chart. I am providing free consultancy only on the condition that you will provide feedback after I have reviewed and sent you the report and you need to let me know whether it resonates (match) with you or not. If you cannot provide feedback how I did then plz don't take a consultation from me. If it is something that doesn't need to be resonated then it is not a problem. There are certain things i can tell you with confidence after looking at your chart but sometimes charts are very complicated and then I need to resonate with you for what I am thinking.

Predicting future events is quite easy and it could be any event you want to know whether marriage, job, travel opportunity, child birth, relationship, business partnership, acquisition of property and home, etc. The most difficult thing is to predict the exact profession and people say if you are an astrologer you should be able to tell the exact profession accurately. Predicting the exact profession is not possible because there are nowadays millions of jobs. Just check here the single legal category has more than 200 jobs. To give you an example, if I say you should be in IT (information technology) then you could be a software developer, app developer, web programmer, web hosting provider, internet marketer, cloud computing, etc. just 7 planets cannot precisely predict that you should go in software development only.

But if you have something in mind and if your subjects are related to what you are thinking to pursue then an astrolger can guide you if you are moving in the right direction or not and whether you will be successful or not > in what you are doing or pursuing. Also, a lot of intution power is required to analyse a horoscope and intution just doesn't come in a sec or min and it may take even 15-30 min to carefully analyse everything and so a true astrologer has to put a lot of efforts. So don't think it is easy and so be humble, responsive and co-operative when you work with an astrologer. We all get better with time and we should help each other to learn something new.

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