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Write for us Criteria

You can publish your content on rajeshbihani.com for free but it need to meet below guidelines.

1)  Title of the article must be a question (as our site is based on FAQ) and than you answer it in the article body in minimum 550 words. But number of words must not be restricted if the information provided is still not complete. Article could be as long as possible.

2)   Article should be high quality and written by the person who is expert in his field (this is important) and it could be in any niche.

3)   Articles which are simply copied and edited from existing sources will not be accepted.

4)   You are allowed to insert external links within the article for reference and to mention sources(not for SEO though). Your own links can only be added in author box.

5)   We will display the bioline of the author at the end of the article where you can insert your own website links and those will be dofollow

6)   We cannot make any guarantee that your article will be accepted but you will get the copyright back if your article is rejected.

7)   If your article is accepted by us you will give the copyright to us and won't use it anywhere else on the web.

8)   Don't submit duplicate articles as they won't be accepted and also self promoting articles are not accepted.

9)   We reserve the right to edit the article in someway(if required)

10)   We reserver the right to make changes to the anchor text of external links if they are too much keyword stuffed and looks totally unnatural.

11)   We do not pay anything for writing for us.

12)   You are not allowed to insert affiliate links in the article.

13)   Please check the articles already published on our website to get better ideas.

14) Final publication of your article on our site will still be at the sole discretion of our editors.

15) You should mention proper references (by mentioning external links to sources) in case the content of the article is not something your personal opinion or of personal knowledge and you have made the content based on your research from various sources. This is most important in case of health articles.

16) The link to your own site in the author box should be relevant to the content you want to get published. This is important.

If you agree to our guidelines you can send your article for review at the email radhakishan001@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 12-24 hrs. Don't forget to mention the author bioline (30-100 words only) at the end of the article.

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