Do you believe there is Life after Death?

life after death
I do believe from my common sense that life is there after death as the soul never dies. A person would always say: "this is my hand" and would never say: "I am hand". You would say: "This is my bag" and never say: "I am bag", Why? this is because you are not a bag and different from the bag. Similarly, when you say: "this is my hand", what does it mean? It means you are not the hand (body) but different from it. Then what you are? You are actually the soul (a supernatural power or energy) residing or living in a body. When you die, you simply get separated from your dead body and then go into the body of some pregnant women (or any other living creature depending on your Karmas) to acquire a new body. You may also go to hell or heaven instead of rebirth, depending on your Karmas. So life is there after death as you(the soul) never die and only changes body.

What is soul? The soul is the ultimate peace and ocean of pleasure and love from which the whole universe has originated. Every living creature on this earth has a soul inside it. Most scientists would say an atom is the smallest particle in the universe and it's the ultimate thing from which all other things are made. But an atom also originates from the soul and so soul is the ultimate thing and we call it as God who is the creator of this universe.

Have you even seen a dead body? How does it look? Doesn't it look lifeless? To me a dead body looks like a non-living thing just like a stone or bone because the life (which we call as soul) from the body has gone out of it after death. According to Hindu Mythology after death, the human being acquires a virtual body (not made from the material) which is an intermediate body between the physical body and the soul. After death, this non-visible virtual body (see photo on left) remains in the air for sometimes after death. During this period of time, you (the soul in the form of a virtual body) will see and realize that your relatives and friends are crying at your dead body. When you are looking at your own dead body from a distance what does it mean? It means you are being separated from your body after death. This clearly indicates that all human beings are soul and not body as they are separated from the body after death.

So even after death, you haven't actually died yet but it's your body which has died. Now the question is where this virtual body will ultimately go? According to Hindu Mythology after death, your soul would acquire a new body. Your soul would either go in the body of a child who is still in the stomach of a pregnant woman or as a small living creature in a pregnant living creature like animals and birds. People may also go to heaven or hell based on their worldly deeds. What type of body your soul would acquire after death would depend on your Karmas, that is how bad or good were your Karmas during the lifetime. Your body is actually nothing more than the clothing of your soul in a particular life. This was said by Lord Krishna in the Indian Holy Book named "Gita".

Through meditation, it is actually possible to experience the after death situation while you are living alive in the body and not died yet. How is that possible? There are many yogis in the Himalayas who have achieved that state through meditation. They have the capability to acquire virtual body (sukshama body) as discussed earlier through meditation and then they would just get separated from their physical body and can go anywhere in the universe where they feel like through their sukshama body. They can also come back in their physical body and start living in it again. So they have the full freedom what they want to do. If you want to experience it yourself you need to meditate. Infect everything is possible to achieve in life through meditation.

To know the benefits of meditation you should go to benefits of meditation section of this website. When you meditate your go nearer and nearer to your soul and before becoming the complete soul, in the intermediate stage you feel this or acquire sukshama body. If you don't even stop at your sukshama body and still go deeper into meditation you will finally acquire the state of complete peace which is called the salvation. Scientists are trying to understand where the life (soul) goes after death but they won't come to any conclusion unless they meditate. Scientists are using their brain while to achieve that state you will have to go beyond the body and brain which is only possible through kundalini awakening and meditation.

Here is a great experience by a lady who died at a party, got separated from her body and then came back in the body. Watch her experience on this youtube video.

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