What are the results of Rahu in Leo sign in 11th house? (Vedic Astrology)

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You are a Libra Ascendant if your Rahu is in the sign of Leo in the 11th house. Rahu has 3 aspects in Vedic Astrology. So when Rahu is in the sign of Leo in the 11th house it also aspects the 3rd house (5th aspect), 5th house (7th aspect), and the 7th house (9th aspect). We don't consider the 7th aspect as Ketu rejects this aspect by sitting in the 5th house.

So when Rahu is in the 11th house the person gets obsessed with (as Rahu is the obsession) not only the things of the 11th house but also the 3rd house and the 7th house (because of the aspects of Rahu). All the three houses > 11th, 3rd and 7th house are Kama Houses (houses of desires, hopes, and wishes).

With this placement of Rahu, the person becomes all about making relationships, being social and attending parties and festivals and a lot of chit-chat communication. He/She wants to be in the limelight in the parties. Mostly all these parties are fun and entertainment parties including marriage parties, birthday parties, Valentine day parties, festival parties, discos, movies, shows etc.

With this placement of Rahu, the person also gets obsessed (as Rahu is the obsession) about getting name and fame in the society or in the masses. In connection to the business, the Libra Ascendant people try to impress their customers a lot as the 11th house is also of business customers. They treat their customers and guests with all the luxuries they can. Their customers and guests are like God for them. With this Rahu placement, these people become very aggressive in making business relationships also and that is how they grow their business.

But just the opposite can also happen (as what has been mentioned above) if the Sun in their birth chart is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 5th house (still considering Rahu in the 11th house). Sun doesn't do well in its enemy sign Aquarius. In that case, Libra Ascendants may even run away from the name and fame and never want to be in the limelight in public. Their life also becomes miserable as then they have to run away from making relationships which they are most fond of > as being the quality of their Ascendant.

Rahu in the sign of Leo in 11th house could also be about growing the distribution network of your product or networking in general as 11th house is ruled by Saturn in the natural zodiac or default birth chart and one important job of Saturn is to grow the network while sitting in its own house. It may be you have some educational or sports-related product (as Leo represents educational and sports products) and you are obsessed about growing your customer base by promoting through social networking sites like facebook and twitter. This is because all sorts of networking are the representation of the 11th house.

It may also be that you are running a website related to fun and entertainment or kids education and you are obsessed about growing its network in Google or by other means to get more visitors and more sales. Actually when Leo sign is on the 9th house (with Rahu also there) you publish more and more information on the website while you grow the network of links to the website and promote it through networking (social media) and other ways when Leo sign falls on the 11th house (with Rahu also placed there). That is the major difference between 9th house Leo sign and 11th house Leo sign.

If Rahu is in the sign of Leo in the 11th house then the best placement of Sun (for a Libra Ascendant) could be the first house as the Sun does very well in the first house. You may say Sun would get debilitated in the sign of Libra in the first house. But it is actually not so because Rahu amplifies the sign and its lord wherever it sits. So it also amplifies the Sun (while sitting in the Leo sign). So here the debilitation of the Sun gets canceled by its amplification through Rahu.

Sun would also be not considered debilitated if the lord of Libra sign i.e Venus is also placed along with Sun in its own sign. A planet is always protected if it is sitting in a sign with its lord

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