What Rahu is going to do in Leo sign in 12th house? (Vedic Astrology)

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As already mentioned earlier Rahu is your obsession in life. The 12th house is basically the house of spirituality and sign of Leo represents name and fame. So clearly Rahu in the sign of Leo in the 12th house means someone who is obsessed about getting name and fame in the spiritual world. So sometimes with this Rahu placement, many become a yoga and meditation teachers or spiritual gurus or spiritual healers as that is the way they want to come in the limelight in the spiritual world, especially, if their Jupiter is also placed in the 12th house or 8th house.

People usually do of what they are obsessed about in life and that is the reason looking at the placement of Rahu in the birth chart is important as Rahu is pretty much your life's mission.

First of all, you are a Virgo Ascendant if your Rahu is in the sign of Leo in the 12th house. The 11th house is the house of masses and society we live in and for a Virgo Ascendant, cancer sign falls on their 11th house which shows Virgo Ascendants' feeling and emotions are towards the nurturing or serving the masses. In other words, they are more of a social worker and social workers are considered as the spiritual people and so they are also identified that way and that is the reason their Leo sign (sign of identity) falls on the 12th house of spirituality and helpless people.

People who are cut-off from the society (11th house) goes into the 12th house. People who are mentally retarded and who are sick and somehow helpless are also represented by the 12th house. Now when Rahu is in the 12th house in Leo you also want to become the leader (as Leo sign is also of leadership) in the eyes of such helpless people. That is the reason many Virgo Ascendants become social workers and helps the poor with this placement of Rahu. But other planets in the birth chart need to confirm this.

In the 12th house, Rahu may even want to run away from the hustle and bustle of the life. Rahu gets obsessed about escapism. Rahu (if in Leo in 12th house) may even take the person to some foreign country as he or she may be an international sports player or someone who wants to entertain the foreign audience with their talent (to make money) as the sign of Leo represents sports and fun and entertainment.

Also, someone may settle in a foreign country as a teacher as the sign of Leo is also about knowledge and primary education and 12th house is the house of foreign places and foreign settlement and isolation. Hidden love and romance (affairs) are also possible with this Rahu placement. It could also make a person an actor or actress who are most of the time busy performing behind the cameras as 12th house also means something going behind the scenes. For example, the playback singers and musicians are always behind the scenes as they are not visible in the movie but still a part of it.

With Rahu in the sign of Leo in the 12th house > it is also possible that the person is a priest in some temple in an isolated or foreign place because priests and temples are the representation of the Sun (or Leo). The tendency of Rahu in the 12th house (irrespective of the sign) is always to move the person in an isolated or foreign place or make him work behind the scenes even if it is an isolated room. The 12th house is mostly about working in your own comfort zone and you don't work under anyone unless you settle to some foreign country and do the job there.

Many people with such kind of Rahu placement give up their family life (becomes a monk) and join the Ashram (hermitage) and lead a spiritual life there doing all the mantras, yagnas, meditation etc. Many get involved in occult science with this placement as Rahu also has aspects on 4th house (5th aspect) and 8th house (9th aspect) from the 12th house. 8th house is the major house of occult science and Rahu has an aspect on the 8th house from the 12th house. All the monks you see in the Himalayas or in isolated places could also have this placement of Rahu in the sign of Leo in the 12th house.

Actually to perform occult science you need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and research a lot. That is the reason the 12th house of isolation also gets activated when you do the activities of the 8th house like occult science. That is also the reason 8th house and 12th house are interconnected.

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