Which is best Good Night or All-Out for mosquitoes?

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Neem Oil
Mosquitoes don't let us sleep at night and so we often make use of mosquito repellent brands such as Good Night or All-Out. But actually, we should not use both of them as they release harmful chemicals, which are not good for health when we make use of them.

Instead, there is an organic or green way to get rid of mosquitoes quite easily. Just buy neem oil from any medical or ayurvedic store and also buy pure camphor. Camphor is also easily available in departmental stores. Break the camphor into small pieces or make its powder by decomposing it. Mix 1 teaspoon of powdered camphor with 100ml of neem oil and pour it in a Diya or small bowl like lamp. Use a cotton wick to light it and keep it near you while you sleep.

The fume coming out of the lamp will make the mosquitoes run away or die. To understand better how to do this you can watch this youtube video.

Also, there is an alternative solution. You can also make use of your used and empty All-out or Good Night. Instead of the liquid used in the All-Out or Good Night pour the mixture of neem oil and camphor into it and plug the same way and it will also work to get the fumes of neem oil to get rid of the mosquitoes. In other words, you will just be using the body of the All-out or Good Night repellent and fumes coming out of them will be of the mixture of neem oil and camphor.

You can also make use of Bay leaves to get immediate relief. What you need to do is to pour the mixture of neem oil and camphor on few bay leaves and then burn these bay leaves. The fumes thus coming out will kill all the mosquitoes into the room. This is a quick solution but not long lasting. You need to make use of Diya as mentioned above to get a long lasting relief from the terrible mosquitoes.

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