How to successfully cure paralysis in a temple 100% free of cost?

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Butati Dham Temple
There is a village called Butati in the Nagaur district of the state of Rajasthan, India. In the village, there is a temple known by the name Butati Dham. Some 500 years back a saint known by the name Shree Chaturdas Ji Maharaj did some penance to get power to cure people suffering from paralysis (lakwa in Hindi). He was successful in achieving that power and his blessings still work in the temple.

Within the temple, there is the samadhi sthal of Shree Chaturdas Ji Maharaj. The paralysis patient needs to take parikrama or 7 rounds of the place of samadhi and this should be done for 7 successive days. So the patient must stay for 7 days in the temple in order to get fully cured. The whole miracle is in the parikrama or the 7 rounds to get rid of the paralysis. The parikrama is done twice a day, morning and evening. Other than that the patients are treated with the massage from the olive oil.

But you need to be humble and faithful and also must bow to the samadhi first for the treatment to work for you. The improvement in the disease could be seen day by day and the majority of the patients are fully or partially cured by the end of the 7th day. There is also a fireplace in the temple where you can see the fire all the time. Every day the patient needs to take the ashes from the fire and along with the oil need to use it to massage the full body. This is the real thing (along with the parikrama) which helps to get cured.

You must watch this documentary video to see the treatment in the Butati Dham in action and the results of the treatment after 7 days. The Butati village is some 238 km from Jaipur, the capital city of the state of Rajasthan, India. It is a 4 hr journey by bus. However, Butati village is only 150 km from Jodhpur.

You don't need to worry about the stay at Butati Village. Even if you are unable to find the place to stay in the temple itself, which is free, there are still many cheap guest houses in the village to stay.

Here is one more video of the Butati Dham giving more idea about the place and the facilities available. Paralysis is mostly incurable and this is the only alternative for someone suffering for a long time. If you are from some foreign country then you must visit India to get yourself fully cured of paralysis or so-called lakwa (in the Hindi language) as no English medicines can cure it.

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