Why Orgatma oil is best to use in the food you cook at home?

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Orgatma cold press cooking oil
Orgatma is a newly setup agro-based company located in the state of Maharashtra, India. This company is a certified supplier of pure organic products such as groundnut or peanut oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sesame or til oil, mustard oil, turmeric powder, jaggery cube etc.

There is a major difference between the oils produced by the Orgatma company and other branded refined cooking oils available in the supermarkets. In making refined oils the oilseeds are tortured to high temperature and subjected to harsh chemicals and thus losing the nutritional values.

On the other hand, Orgatma company is using an ancient technique of extracting oils which is known as the cold press extraction method. They make use of Wooden Ghani or Mara Chekku method to produce cold-pressed cooking oils and other types of edible oils. Cold pressed oils retains the nutritional values within it and flavors and freshness and also helps in reducing the bad cholesterol in the human body.

In ancients times a cow or bull was used to rotate the wooden ghani machine and that is how the pure oil was extracted from the seeds or nuts. Orgatma company uses a similar concept but they make use of an electric motor instead of animals.

The raw material used by the company for the different types of oil extraction is garden fresh purchased directly from the known farmers involved in organic farming and of high export quality.

If you want to know how the processing is done for the extraction of the cold pressed oils using the Wooden Ghani then give a look at this youtube video recorded in the manufacturing unit of the Orgatma company. This will give the complete idea about the processing.

Orgatma is still new in the business but they are already exporting their oils to Dubai and also distributing all over India. They are also looking for the distributors and so also a good business opportunity if anyone wants to start with it.

They are also selling their products online on Amazon and their official website > orgatma.com. But on Amazon some of their distributors are selling online and not they themselves.

The company address is as below:

Orgatma Organic Science Pvt Ltd.
A-04, Flat no 111,
Matoshree Park, Mhasave, Satara, Maharashtra 415002.
Phone:+91 8530322553

The company will also help in setting up your own plant of extracting the cold pressed oils if you are interested and willing to work under them and ready to pay their commission for the sales generated by you. The Wooden Ghani machine is not much costly and establishing a home-based oil business is quite possible.

Sham Datar is the MD of the company and you can contact him on the number > 93254 93217

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