Who is the most learned 2 year child in India?

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2 year old google guru child GK master
Yes, this genius boy (only 2 years old) was born on 14 July 2016 and his parents were interviewed by IndiaTv on 26 Sept 2018 and on the same day this little boy was asked many difficult general knowledge questions and he answered all of them accurately. It is hard for a 2-year child to speak properly but this child was answering the capital cities of different countries without looking into the book. He even answered several other GK questions also. He has still not even joined any school and stays at home with his Mom.

The IndiaTV news reporter gave him the name "Google Guru" though his parents have given him the name "Guru" as the actual name. The real thing is his intelligence with a high IQ. He is very curious and asks a lot of questions from his parents when they themselves are studying and preparing for UPSC exams. Just you need to tell him the one-word answer once and he is able to memorize it. This genius boy is also able to memorize different poems.

He is also able to recognize flags of 90 different countries. Just ask him which flag belongs to which country and he will point his finger to the right answer. Also, ask him any state or city or sea names on the map and he will point to the right answer. He could be the Albert Einstein of India in the future.

There is also a wonder-girl in our country who has cleared the 12th exams just at the age of 12. She was also interviewed by News24 and here is the recorded youtube video for it. She used to clear exams of 2 classes in 1 year. As she is intelligent she also got permission from CBSE to give exams for 2 classes in one year. She is also an expert in 8 foreign accents such as British, American, Australian, Canadian, Scottish etc. The most amazing thing is that she learned all these accents over the internet.

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