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One way filmmakers (producers) can make more money is by having more movie theatres in the country. But there are only 12,000 movie theatres in the vast Indian population of around 1.35 crore though more than a 1000 films are released each year.

That is the reason a company called Picture Time came up with an idea which is now making the movie theatres to reach the audience in the rural areas of India instead of the audience coming to the theatre. How is that possible?

Actually, the company Picturetime is using an inflatable theatre (also called balloon theatre) which is almost as big in size as the usual theatre. Being an inflatable theatre it can be easily folded into a truck and this truck is then driven to different villages of India to show the movies at different places. Here is a nice youtube video review of the inflatable cinema theatre.

This is not a small theatre and a total of 150 seats are available in this theatre. A digital projector is used to show the film on a big screen. But the theatre is only on the ground level and there are no stairs as what you see in the real city based theatres. Also, the chairs are removable and not fixed. The theatre is however equipped with a power backup in case of electricity failure.

The owner of this company is Sushil Chaudhary and according to him this plan of reaching cinema to different places in India is going to increase the revenue of the Indian Box Office by 10 times in the next 5 years or so. The company was started in the year 2015 and they have plans to increase the number of inflatable theatres to 150 and they will be raising 25 cr for this in the next 5 years.

The picture is shown in HD with 5.1 Dolby surround sound. So there is no compromise in the quality of the picture. There are also air-conditioners fitted on the walls of the theatre and the theatre is water, wind and fire proof. So it won't cause any problem in case of bad weather. The ticket is also cheap around Rs.30 to Rs.70 per person which is quite affordable even for the villagers. However, the occupancy levels in the villages are still only 50% but the company says it doesn't have many expenses and they are always in profits.

The best part is many of the villagers are experiencing the big theatre screen for the first time and they may get addicted to it. The company is also doing a great job of spreading social awareness on different complicated issues by showing the social awareness clips before the start of the movie.

Some villagers even admitted that now they don't have to travel to their nearby city for watching movies as the same facility was now available in their own village via inflatable theatres. There are total 40 inflatable theatres of Picturetime running but more will be launched soon in the incoming years of 2019 to 2025. The company is planning to reach a 'released movie' to 12000 people in one day by the end of 2019. The company also arranges private screenings at your home or at a venue of your choice.

If this keeps going even worst of the movies will be able to generate enough revenue during the first month of its release. Directors and producers should feel happy with this going.

Inflatable theatre from Picture time

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