How to temporarily change face so that people don't recognize you as the original person?

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Aamir Khan with changed face using dentures
A good way to make yourself a different person in the eyes of others is to use dentures. So what are dentures? Dentures are artificial or false teeth which you can wear over your original teeth and that will make your face look totally different and no one will recognize you as the original person. But you should also do some other artistic makeup on your face too like putting a different kind of beard, changing hairs, using contact lenses, earing some funny dress etc.

Aamir Khan, the great Indian film actor, did exactly that to hide his identity and that is how he roamed in the city of Varanasi on his feet for many hours and even hired an auto rickshaw and no one from the public could recognize him though he talked to many people along the way. You can watch this youtube video recording of his complete travel on his feet on the streets of her's mother home place Varanasi, India. The whole journey was recorded into 5 videos and he revealed his identity in the 5th video after reaching his mother's home.

I thought people could have recognize him by his voice but really no one recognized him by his original voice alone. He did all this as he was on India tour to promote his upcoming film "3 idiots".

Even Sonu Nigam, the great Indian singer, did this and he made himself look like a beggar on the streets and no one really recognized him. This was also recorded in this youtube video. So many people gathered around him on the street impressed by his soulful singing as he was singing with his original voice but no one really recognized him by his face. He didn't use dentures but did some sort of artificial special effect makeup and that changed his personality completely. In the above video, his makeup was put down in the end to reveal his true identity.

Special effects makeup artists are hired by the film producers to change the face expressions (if needed) of the actors and actresses playing a role in the movie. There are many institutes in India that provide the certification courses in special effects makeup. If you need to change your identity temporarily you can even hire a special effect makeup artist or just go to their home and personally meet them and get your job done.

There are also short books available for purchase on Amazon which teaches the special effects makeup. You can buy one and learn everything on your own. There are also many youtube videos presenting live makeup through special effects. Here is one youtube video showing the application of dentures to cause the effect of a vampire on the face.

But basically, you will need custom removable dentures for the special type of effect you need. A dental clinic can only help with it such as

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