How to buy tlismi Moti just for Rs.18 ?

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tlismi Moti neck chain for babies
Tlismi Moti neck chain for babies is sold on sites like Amazon for more than Rs.100. So if you want to buy 3 'tlismi moti' chains it will cost you Rs.300. That will be very costly.

The original manufacturer of this chain is a supplier from Hyderabad and they are offering it for just Rs.18 per chain in retail (not wholesale). So if you will buy 3 chains then it will cost only Rs.54 and considering Rs.30 as the courier charge the total cost will just be Rs.84 while buying on Amazon, as mentioned before, will cost you Rs.300. So there will be a huge difference in the cost of this product if you are buying on Amazon or other online websites like Flipkart etc.

So now what is the way to directly buy from the original manufacturer? Actually, the original supplier of this product (from Hyderabad) have their own website ( where you can find their contact number and email. Also, on their website, you can submit their inquiry form with your order.

Once you have their contact number you can call them up and deposit money in their bank account and they will ship you the product at your required destination. They will tell you their bank account details on the phone for you to deposit the money. Also, you can become the dealer if you want to sell this product on your shop. They are offering the dealership.

This product really works for painless teething of babies and this is not any tantra or magic. There are also many youtube video reviews where you can watch the original reviews from the original buyers of this product and they confirmed Tlismi Moti worked on their babies.

The moti in the chain or necklace is made from 5 different metals in equal proportion and it really helps in easy teething of babies.

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