How to check if you are buying Brinjal at the right price?

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Brinjal or Bangain
You go to a supermarket to buy brinjal (eggplant) but don't know whether the shopkeeper is selling at a decent price or not. It may be he is charging much more than the usual price in retail. Even if you are doing the wholesale business of brinjal (baingan) still you cannot be sure if you are buying at the right price from someone in the mandi (wholesale market).

So you need to have some way to know the actual price. The good news is that all the price data for all the agricultural commodities in India such as the vegetables, fruits, pulses, etc are displayed on the government website on daily basis and also on a yearly basis. Just go to this below govt. link first.

Step 1: Select the year from the drop-down menu
Step 2: Select the month of the year
Step 3: Then select the state you belong to
Step 4: Select the commodity you want to know the price for
Step 5: Click on the submit button

Once you click the submit button all the data will be displayed to you. For example, I selected Delhi as my state and brinjal as my commodity. Azadpur is the wholesale market in Delhi for commodities and so how many tonnes of brinjal (baingan) arrived at the Azadpur Mandi each day of the month will be displayed once you click the submit button. Other than that minimum price, maximum price, different varieties of brinjal and the modal price will also be displayed in the data.

For example, 74.60 tonnes of brinjal arrived on 3rd March 2019 in Delhi Azadpur Mandi and minimum price per quintal was Rs.600, maximum price Rs.1600 and modal price Rs.1167. Modal price is the average market price and so it is better to consider this price for calculating the possible retail price.

Since 1 quintal is 100 kg

The price of 100 kg brinjal will be Rs.1167

Then clearly the price of 1kg of brinjal will be Rs.11.67

In retail, it may get sold up to say Rs.20 - Rs.25 as genuine price. Now if any shopkeeper or online store is asking more than that you need to avoid them or ask them to lower down the price.

This is actually a great way for housewives to shop cautiously in the market and not getting scammed. It is not just about brinjal but you can get the wholesale price of any commodity you want from the above-mentioned government website link.

You can get wholesale price for commodities like apple, ajwan, arhar, arhar dal, bajra, amla, butter, black pepper, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, dry fruits, grapes, honey, mustard oil, onion, garlic, ghee, cucumber, lemon, lilly, soyabean, maize, saffron and what not.

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