How can you make your land cultivation effortless with remote control?

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There is a lot of hard work involved while you drive and run your tractor completely through your farmland and thus ploughing the fields.

A boy named Yogesh Nagar (age 19 years as in 2018) from the Baran district in the Indian state of Rajasthan has developed a remote control which can control the tractor from a distance as far as 1.50 km. He has completely made the tractor as driverless. You can watch this youtube video to see the driverless tractor in action.

For this tractor, no one is needed to control the brakes, change the gears and steering the wheel as all this can be done from a remote place using the remote control. Yogesh is not an engineer or any sort of a big technician yet by profession but he achieved this while studying in the 12th class. Right now he is a student of B.Sc first year in Kota, Rajasthan. It took only 6 months for him to complete this project.

He did this by fixing a transmitter in the tractor which works to operate the tractor through signals via the remote control from a distant place. All happens through signals passed to the tractor transmitter from the remote control.

If this technology can be used by all the Indian farmers then the land cultivation could happen faster and with great ease and thus making the life easier for the Indian farmers. Also, farmers can save money on tractor drivers. The boy Yogesh also has plans to make driverless tanks for the Indian army if he can be funded by the government of India.

Even Mahindra & Mahindra company has developed driverless tractors as mentioned here which could be a reality in the future for farmlands. It is an Indian company known for its tractor manufacturing.

But to me, it looks like you are simply using a remote control instead of your hands and legs for the steering and brakes and you cannot be avoided from the heat of the sun as you need to make sure the tractor is actually plowing the proper place as required by you.

This technology is not something that it can do everything on its own like a robot. You need to be near the tractor all the time. It simply eliminated your jumping on the tractor while once when you were riding it on your own. But Science can make anything possible that is there for sure.

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