How this science model can help prevent crop damaging by Nilgai ?

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Science model for using near crops
Nilgai or blue bull is the largest Asian antelope and the real threat to the crops. It damages most agricultural crops to a considerable extent. Nilgai goes for crop-raiding usually in the night and the evening. The farmers of Haryana and other states of India are desperately looking for a solution.

One important thing about Nilgai is that it get scared with a blinking light and sound and so doesn't enter the crop fields. So a science model can be prepared with the blinking light and sound and that model can be fixed at some height on the fields. Adarsh Kishan center has prepared such a model (upkaran) and it is really helping them to keep Nilgai away from their crop. You can check this science model in action in this youtube video on the crop fields of Haryana.

This science model or instrument is easy to build. You can use a 12 V motorcycle battery such as the one sold on Amazon here. This motorcycle battery needs to be charged every 6 hrs and that can be done by using this Magic Power 12V charger. The main purpose of the motorcycle battery is to run a blinking light and siren (for sound) through electricity provided by the motorcycle battery itself.

So you also need to purchase some good quality blinking light and siren from your nearby electric shop and then you need to assemble everything (using electric wires) to make the science model ready for use. You can take the help of some electrician to prepare this electric model if you cannot do it on your own. You can check the video (link mentioned above) to get the idea what type of siren and light system will be needed for this project.

2-3 such science models can be used on the fields simultaneously in different directions to prevent entering of the Nilgai and blackbuck. This is really a very effective way and the farmers don't really need to use electric fences which even kill innocent animals from electric shocks. Some farmers are even using sounds of tiger and lion in the science model to threaten the Nilgai, wild boar, blackbuck and other wild animals.

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