How difficult it is to get admission in IIT Dharwad?

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IIT Dharwad Classes
It is actually difficult to get admission in IIT Dharwad because first of all there are only 40 seats allotted to each of the three programmes offered by IIT Dharwad. The three B.Tech programmes are:

1) Electrical Engineering (seats available > 40)
2) Mechanical Engineering (seats available > 40)
3) Computer Science and Engineering (seats available > 40)

Also, the admission is based on the rank or marks obtained by you in 'JEE Advanced' which is the 5th toughest exam in the world, conducted by CBSE India, out of 15 most difficult exams in the world. JEE Advanced exams, however, will be conducted by NTA from 2019 onwards.

Also, you cannot sit for the JEE Advance exams until you clear the cut-off marks in JEE mains exams. While you are doing the 12th or after 12th (for science students) JEE mains exams are held twice. Once in the month of January and later in April.

Each year around 10 lac to 13 lac students apply for JEE mains and only around 1.5 lac to 2.5 lac are selected to appear for the 'JEE Advanced' exams. Depending on the 'JEE Advanced' exam results > around 40,000 students are able to make the rank list in order to get the admission in different engineering colleges across India. But there are only 10,000 seats available in different IITs which could provide the best jobs.

Then your selection to different engineering colleges in India depends on AIR (all India rank) acquired in the JEE Advanced. If your rank is not good then it will be difficult to get the admission in the course of your own choice and also the engineering college of your own choice.

Suppose you want to apply for Computer Science in IIT Dharwad. But if your AIR in JEE Advanced is less than all the 40 students who applied for the computer science in IIT Dharwad then you will not be able to get the admission in this category and may be thrown into categories of not of your choice such as electrical and mechanical engineering. You need to apply to a different engineering college if that is not acceptable to you.

Also, all the seats are not for the general category but a percentage of seats are also meant for OBC-NCL, SC (scheduled caste) and ST (scheduled tribes).

Two things are most important to clear JEE entrance exams: your own intelligence & dedication and the right kind of coaching. The maximum number of students clearing entrance exams for IIT have taken coaching from Kota coaching centers as Kota in Rajasthan is famous for IIT Coaching.

What is the alternative for IIT Dharwad?

If you cannot be selected for IIT Dharwad there are also around 235 colleges in the state of Karnataka for B.Tech Engineering. Many of these engineering colleges allow admission through donations.

However, in the current age, you don't really need to join engineering colleges to learn something. All the computer applications and computer programming tutorials are available for free on and in You can learn everything free of cost and a lot of people are already doing it. For example, if you want to learn web development and web programming as part of the information technology (computer) course then you can make use of sites like to learn everything for free. There is nothing in the world which you cannot learn over the internet from Google and youtube.

The only difference is it is possible for you to get a well-settled job after getting a degree from some recognized institute but doing a job is not easy.

Do you know why all these websites in Google provide free tutorials? This is because it makes them money from Ads placed on their websites and by other means. Making free tutorials on youtube also makes them money through ads shown by Google in between the tutorials.

If you are a business minded person then getting a degree is really not compulsory. Just learn all sorts of engineering from home via internet and then apply it to your own business and make money from your comfort zone.

I am not discouraging you but there is scope to increase your earnings from a business which is mostly not possible in a job. Also, you will have to spend 4 years to get a degree. In 4 years a lot more can be done in the life of better value.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice