Why things are going to be cheaper in the future?

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It is estimated that all the products of home comforts and home requirements and the luxury needed on the body of a person are going to be cheaper and cheaper in the future. This will be possible because of the media such as Youtube.com. Google, the owner of youtube.com, is paying for the views received on youtube videos. So if you can make a youtube video on any subject you are interested in and if this youtube video becomes viral and start receiving a lot of views from the public then you can make money from it. Just you need to enroll your youtube channel with Google and once your channel is approved by Google it will pay for the views.

It is happening now that people in India and other countries are just getting crazy to make a lot of youtube videos to get views and earn from Google. But you may want to know how this is going to make all things cheaper in the future?

Actually, the YouTubers (the people who are making videos and uploading to their channel on youtube.com) are approaching directly to the manufacturers of different products and advertising their business for free on their youtube channel to make money from Google. So this way the manufacturers are becoming direct with the public (end customers) who are watching their business products live on youtube. Here is an example video of the site of a manufacturer.

Because of youtube, many manufacturers have even started selling in retail to the end customers over the internet. This way the end customers are able to buy things cheaper and this is also creating a lot of competition among the manufacturers as everyone are now being directly exposed to the masses (internet customers) via the internet. So the monopoly is ending and the wholesalers (who buy from the manufacturers and sell to retailers) will soon be out of business when the manufacturers are getting direct with the end consumers.

Even if the manufacturers will not sell directly in retail over the internet but still their prices are being exposed to the end consumers via video marketing and this will bring awareness in the masses about the actual price. When the end customers will get a smarter > monopoly of the retailers and wholesalers is going to end and they will have to lower the price. But this world is not a small place and so this is not going to happen sooner as still, only around 35% - 40% of the Indian population is making use of the internet.

Also, there was a time when big businesses used to order a container (via sea route) from China and that way they used to have the monopoly of their product all over India. But this is now ending as well as now it is possible for anyone (whether a retailer or end consumer or the wholesaler) to order directly from China and that also in small quantity on sites like dhgate.com and alibaba.com. You don't need to order in bulk like a full container. This is giving a lot of competition and as result prices are going down and will be going down in the future as well.

Indian sarees which were sold for INR 1500 in retail are being exposed now over the internet and the manufacturers are offering just for INR 400 - 600 (if you buy minimum 4 pieces). This is not only the case for Indian sarees but also for all other body wear products and home goods. Watch this youtube video for INR 3000 saree for just INR 300. The media and internet which is uniting the whole world is certainly going to make things cheaper in the future.

The only thing that is going to be expensive is the food as the young generation doesn't want to go into agriculture and farming.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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