How to Know God while living on this Earth?

seven chakras and kundalini
First, you should know that God is not a human being who will come to meet, and shake hand with you. God is the complete soul from which the whole universe and its living creatures originate. God is a feeling of enormous joy and pleasure and this feeling would come when your soul would merge into the complete soul which is holding the universe. A small fraction of this feeling you can experience in real life when sometimes your attention goes deeper into your soul unknowingly. You will have to attain the state of salvation to know God completely. Not every person on this earth would be interested in salvation because they have lot of desires and dreams which they want to fulfill. When you are in the grip of desires you keep struggling in life to fulfill those desires and dreams, and your attention never goes to your soul. Without giving the attention to your soul it is not possible to know God. People mostly pray and remember God when they are in some sort of trouble in life.

Now the question is how to give attention to our soul so that we can know God. First of all we will have to give up everything in life which is against our soul. For example, do you smoke? Than forget smoking. Any other bad habit you have, just give up. If you watch too much television just give up. Remember you only need to sacrifice your desires and bad habits which are against your soul. If you go to work everyday to earn money for a living and support your family than you must not ignore this. This is something you must do. You definitely need to perform your duties of life.

Also you must fulfill your requirements but not the desires. There is no harm in taking a lunch or dinner at home as this is your requirement but if you are spending too much of your time in five start hotels and restaurants than those are desires and this won't let your attention go to your soul. There is no harm to fulfill all your desires in life as long as your aim of life is not to know God. But you will have to sacrifice everything which is against your soul to know God. Why sacrifice? This is because when you sacrifice it gives inner peace and satisfaction which brings you closer to God. Do you know why some students are so successful and achieve top rankings? This is because their whole attention is in their studies. When you start concentrating on your goal you come nearer to your soul as you are sacrificing everything to concentrate on your goal. This gives success and the success in turn gives enormous relief and peace inside. Did you ever feel any sort of satisfaction when you didn't work hard and ultimately failed?

I am telling to sacrifice because ultimately you will have to meditate to merge your soul into the complete soul to know God. While meditating if your attention goes here and there it will be difficult to concentrate. What it will disturb in the meditation? Your thoughts will disturb in the meditation. Excessive thoughts won't let you meditate because you will be in grip of it. If you are a type of person who is engaged a lot in the human society or run a big business, you will face difficulties in meditating as thoughts will be more due to heavier burden. Also some people are actually not innocent like children. They want to earn more and more just to show off and spend a lot to earn reputation and goodwill in the society. Meditation is not for such people.

It's only for innocent people who really understand the feelings of love and not concerned much with money, goodwill, dreams, society etc. A scientist type of person is good to move ahead with meditation because he is more focused. A scientist is a type of person who is lost in his research and so is highly focused. Doctors, Engineers and other type of people who are more focused should also meditate to move closer to God because they are highly capable to meditate. Whatever you do in life, as long as it doesn't disturb you while meditating you are on the right path.

Some people by nature are more focused and mostly you see them happy within themselves and they are not much concerned what people say or think about them. If you are such a personality start meditating. Start your journey with meditation and learn meditation here to know God while living on this earth. Meditation does not mean concentration or yoga. Meditation is actually achieving peace and joy inside through kundalini power awakening which is located inside every human being.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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