How a useful and good product can make you money overnight?

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Useful Product key to attract masses
Plz note: At the end of this article I have mentioned a way to check, if ever in your life, you could be a part of a business going viral.

It is all about coming with the right kind of product which can help the masses in some way and then no one can stop you making money from that product.

For example, just think of matrimonial websites like,,, etc. At the time when internet just evolved (or even after many years after that) whoever first thought of making a website, which can act as a platform for people to search for their life partner, might be making millions now from that website because this concept of making marriages happen via the internet had to click as it was a very useful concept that actually helped (and still helping) to get married.

Similarly, there are job sites like,, etc that are utilizing a similar concept where they act as the brokers for job seekers and employers and such sites are a very useful platform to make millions by helping employers find quality employees.

Also, whoever came first with the idea of creating sites like and where even the non-degree holders can find online work are now making millions out of such useful platforms. At every point of life when there are so many jobless people on this earth naturally such platforms were bound to flourish.

In all the cases above, the products (platforms) were good and so it clicked to start making money overnight. You can't even think of how much money these platforms are making. Such new and unique concepts just go viral by spending a little bit on its marketing. It's just an initial cost of marketing and then the site settles in top rankings in Google for free traffic from Google organic. The initial cost is nothing as compared to what you will make once your product goes viral. If the product is good then even taking a loan is something worth.

You should know how the concept of ranking higher in Google works and then you will not be afraid to spend heavily on marketing if your product is useful for the masses. You cannot become rich overnight if you are working as a single person on your website or otherwise in some different business. You need to think of something where your users grow your network and you don't have to do anything special other than marketing your product.

Just check the example of The users ask questions on the platform and the replies are also from the similar users and Quora has nothing to do other than keeping an eye and their user-generated content is growing like nothing and giving tonnes of traffic from Google organic search. This is all free content and as a result, free money for them.

When a product goes viral just through word of mouth then that is what a real product is. Ola and Uber taxi services are other good examples of that when now each and every taxi driver in India is getting connected with them and their network is growing just from word of mouth publicity. When somehow your product goes viral you become a hero from zero and that is the reason it is all about the usefulness and quality of your product and nothing matters more than that. Here is a nice case study of OLA by Vivek Bindra (a great business motivational speaker) on youtube.

Even from Vivek Bindra's youtube videos, you can learn a lot about how you can make your product viral without spending much on its marketing. The important thing is not to duplicate some existing product or service. For example, now if you will try to duplicate OLA you could fail miserably as the users won't switch to your platform from OLA unless there is some good reason to do it. So bringing something new to the table can only help and it should be also useful to the masses.

But if you really want to know, whether ever in your life, you could be a part of any such business where your product rules the entire country or world then there is a way to know about it in your birth horoscope. Since I am astrologer I know about it.

What you can do is to simply generate your birth horoscope using a Vedic astrological software and check which sign (Rashi) your Saturn is seated in your birth horoscope (also called Rashi chart). If your Saturn is placed in the sign of Aquarius then definitely sometimes in your life (usually during the period of Saturn) > you or your product is certainly going to be popular in masses. You will find Saturn as "SA" and no. 11 as the Aquarius sign in the birth chart.If SA is in no.11 then Saturn is really in the Aquarius sign. You can contact me through this site if you need help regarding that.

Your horoscope (kundli) really tells all about your future in case if there is something really good or otherwise. The sign of Aquarius is all about networking and Saturn rules this sign by default. So, when Saturn is sitting in its own sign it grows your network tremendously.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice