Why 4th lord in 9th house is often not good in Vedic Astrology?

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4th lord in 9th house birth chart vedic astrology
Just like 6th house is the obstacles, problems, debt, diseases and enemies related to your physical body (personal matters >1st house), similarly, 9th house is the obstacles and problems related to your 4th house of home, peace of mind, security and your conveniencies as 9th house is 6th from the 4th house when you go anti-clockwise. Any house which is the 6th house from a particular house is the obstacle (problems) for that particular house.

Now when 4th house lord is placed in the 9th house then it will create problems or obstacles related to your home and vehicles. It may be that you have to take a loan for your home or vehicle or you might have to take a loan for any business related to home-based products such as furniture, kitchen utensils, lighting, etc. You may also take a loan regarding some issues related to your mother as 4th house is also of your mother. But taking a loan (for things as mentioned above) is confirmed if 6th house lord is also placed in the 4th house (considering 4th lord is still placed in the 9th house).

With this placement, you may also be a vehicle driver (such as a taxi or truck driver) and there are always obstacles in this profession when you drive on the road. There is also a risk of an accident if the ascendant lord (1st house lord) is placed in the 8th house (considering 4th lord still in the 9th house) as 8th house is the house of risks and emergencies to your physical body. There is a risk of death also if there is an aspect from Rahu and Saturn on the 8th house (where Ascendant lord is also placed).

4th house is actually the house of what work you do to nurture others as cancer sign which rules the 4th house by default is of nurturing. You cannot nurture someone without doing some work for them. So nurturing and doing work go hand-in-hand (4th and 10th house axis).

Since 9th house is also the house of long distance travel so it is easy to conclude that someone could be a vehicle driver with the placement of 4th lord in the 9th house as you are nurturing people to reach their destination with their goods.

9th house is also law and so you may get into trouble with the law regarding your home or vehicles with the placement of 4th lord in the 9th house. Disputes with your father and Gurus is also possible with this placement.

Also, 9th house is the house where you risk your money as 9th house is 8th from the 2nd house of your wealth and savings. Any house which is 8th from a particular house is the risk and emergencies of that particular house. This also shows that you can risk your money in buying and selling homes and vehicles (or home-related items) if your 4th lord is placed in the 9th house. You may also get into trouble in your long distance journey if in transit there is an aspect from Saturn or Rahu on your 4th house lord placed in the 9th house. But problems coming from transits (gocher) are just temporary.

For Pisces Ascendant people Scorpio sign falls on their 9th house and so there is a risk of theft during long distance journey (especially by train) if Rahu and Saturn aspects over the 9th house in transit (gochur).

A Capricorn Ascendant person could be a lawyer with 4th lord Mars placed in the sign of Virgo in the 9th house if his Saturn is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Libra but the placement of other planets in the horoscope also need to be examined to finally conclude something.

These are just possibilities and exact prediction is not possible without looking at the birth chart 'as a whole' and considering the placement of all the planets which are involved in Vedic Astrology.

If you want to know more about 4th lord in 9th house for each Ascendant in more details.

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