Does God Exist? : Many People Want to Know this

Just ask yourself a question? Do you exist? Since you are in front of the computer and reading this article that means you do exist. Similarly God does exist but don't do the mistake to consider God as a human being with eyes, nose, legs, hands, brain, thoughts, body etc. God is the ultimate or complete soul from which the whole universe originates. It's a super natural power. The soul of human being is just the small fraction of the complete soul or God. So in a way you yourself is God but since you (your soul) are residing or living in a body you don't actually recognize yourself and consider yourself as a body which has some name given by the society.

You never say I am nose, eyes, ears but you always say this is my nose, these are my eyes and these are my ears. You never say I am body but you always this is my body. When you say "This is my body" it clearly indicates that you are soul and different from your body. Just like if a bag is placed in front of you then you would say this is my bag and you never say I am bag because you are different and separate from bag. In the same way you are actually soul and you reside in a given body but you are not body.

According to Hindu Mythology everything you see other than soul is maya which is perishable or mortal. Soul cannot live forever in a body because body is perishable and that is the reason the soul (you) need to change its body. When a soul goes out from a body we say the life has gone out of the body and it becomes a dead body. So a body has no any value without being soul residing in it. If you need proof whether God exists or not you need to search God within yourself. You will not find God in temples and Gurudwaras. If someone goes to temple everyday to worship God that doesn't mean he/she is looking for God. It simply means he/she has faith in God and going to temple to express his faith towards God or have some desires which he/she thinks God will fulfill by the act of worshipping.

But truth is that God never fulfill desires which are for acquiring some kind of perishable things. You get everything in life through your good Karmas or so called good deeds. God never interfere to start or stop giving you anything suddenly. It all happens according to what good or bad deeds you have done in the current or previous lives. What God gives you is the feeling of true love, inner peace and enormous satisfaction because God is only known to give that which are the qualities of soul and which you actually need most. Suppose you need a television (a perishable product). So work hard and earn some money and get it. God will never interfere in this. But if you sit in temple and keep praying God to give you that it will never come to you. So God never interfere in your Karmas and you always get everything in life of what you deserve.

More you are closer to your soul more you will feel the existence of God. More you will go away from perishable things in life closer you will come to your soul. Do wrong things in life and go away from God. Do all good work in life and come closer to God. If you really want to feel the existence of God you should know God. Go here >> how to know God. And don't be in the myth or false belief that you will see God from your eyes when you will know God. Can you see air with your eyes? Yes, you can only feel air and cannot see air with the naked eye. Even the air originates from God (the complete soul). God is something to feel in the form of enormous pleasure, joy and love. The feeling of God gives you complete satisfaction of inner peace and joy which cannot be expressed in words. Inner peace is the ultimate thing you want to achieve in life as that is the main goal of life.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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