What is the Kingdom of God and How to Become Part of it?

Kingdom of God
Have you ever visited a zoo? You can see that there are different enclosures built in the zoo to keep different animals. Similarly, the kingdom of God is an imaginative enclosure for all those people who are honest and trustworthy and whom God love and take care. God gives special attention, and care everything about those people who are in the kingdom of God. No one can harm such people who are in the kingdom of God. They are absolutely 100% safe as God care about them. I heard of an airplane crash when a plane was just landing on the airport. Out of 150 passengers, 149 died instantly on the spot but nothing happened to one person as he jumped from the airplane from a gap (when the airplane was cracking during the crash) and landed safely at the airport. So wasn't that a miracle? That person might be in the kingdom of God. That is what the power and security you get when you are in the kingdom of God. God cannot accept everyone in the kingdom of God because some people don't have feelings for others and they do a lot of wrong things in life and are selfish. There are also some people who would not hesitate to even kill someone if somehow that helps to achieve their mischief goals.

God is very selective and knows exactly who the ones are, who deserve the kingdom of God. Just like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is very much selective and select only those students who do extremely well in the entrance examination. The life of a person is an entrance exam. Do well in the exam and enter the kingdom of God. God will not come to you and tell you that now you are in the kingdom of God. You will realize yourself that you are in the kingdom of God if you are an honest person who cares more about others than yourself. God will get you out of every difficulty in life if you are in the kingdom of God. If most of the times you face troubles in life and no one is there to help you out, that means you are doing something wrong in life and God is still not happy with you. Else God would somehow find the solution to your problem if the troubles coming are not because you have done something wrong but someone actually wants to harm you, as a result of envy or hatred. And how God treat people who are not in the kingdom of God? Those people who will do good will get good and those who are selfish and don't have feelings for others they would be treated the same way by other kinds of similar horrible people.

The Kingdom of God is actually the heaven and rest is hell but you can always get out of the hell by leading the life correctly and honestly. But some people still don't understand, what they are doing is good for them or not, because they don't have a matured mind. You need to understand and follow the rules of God or nature (which is also called your dharma), in order to remain happy. For example, if your son has beaten someone unnecessarily then you should feel sorry and apologize to him and his parents instead of favoring your son and showing your selfishness. You should only support the truth. That is where most people fail and cannot enter the kingdom of God as they are selfish and don't support the truth and do not follow the path of dharma. Your son should be treated the same way as any other person if he has done something wrong. This was just one example and there are thousands of such cases where people are not able to support the truth and as a result failing in life miserably. Hope you got the point what to do in life to enter the kingdom of God. People with matured mind understand they cannot hide anything from God or Soul, so they remain stick to basic rules and remain happy in life.

Please note: I am a follower of Sahaja Yoga and mother (founder of SY) has said here that this is the last judgement for you to enter into the kingdom of God by following Sahaja Yoga as only in sahaja yoga it is possible to make a connection with God through kundalini power awakening and this power is located inside every human being.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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