What is a sensible wife?

Lots of married men have complaints about their wives. Actually not every person (whether man or woman) on this earth is honest. Some people don't understand dharma and doesn't have fear in them of God. Infect many people don't even believe in God and they don't agree that there is some natural power that acts in a positive or negative way on human beings for their deeds. Same could be the case with your wife. A wife who doesn't understand her dharma could ignore her husband 90% of the time. You expect your wife to surrender to you but she ignores. Why doesn't she respect your orders? Mostly that's ego and materialistic kind of nature that won't let her surrender to you. But it may also be that you are trying to overpower her.

Some wives don't understand the feelings of love and they believe more in getting their desires fulfilled some way or the other. And mostly such desires are for some perishable products. Such impure desires give rise to a materialistic nature. Let's understand this with an example. Suppose the husband is not happy with his salary or business as the salary is less or the earnings in business still not good or may be the business is still in loss. Now one day the wife came and demanded something. The husband in desperation just postponed her wish as he feels it is still not the right time to spend as spending in this difficult time could be something going beyond limitations.

According to the epic of the Bhagavad Gita, it is with some people that they become angry when their desires don't get fulfilled. Such people if they do so then they don't understand dharma. So, if the wife becomes angry as her husband didn't fulfill her desire, then you can easily understand that she is not on the path of dharma. Due to anger, the wife could ignore her husband and she would somehow get that same thing, which she demanded from her husband, from her own father or brother or any other person. By doing that she would try to prove her husband that he is worthless for her. Here it would make every husband think whether she got married to him or someone else whom she is running behind.

Now let's look at, what a sensible wife would do once her wishes postponed or ignored by her husband. A sensible wife would first of all calm down as an immediate anger could be possible to her as well. She would then make her mind: ok there could be some problem in business and that is the reason her husband is ignoring her wishes. She would then accept her fate and forget about what she demanded from her husband or she would postpone her idea of buying that thing. She would also not get annoyed at all with her husband and would behave in a normal way. Why would a sensible wife do such thing as opposed to the insensible wife? This is because she understands the dharma and doesn't want to fight her luck or fate. So she simply surrendered and that is what a husband wants from her wife. When people don't get married to such sensible wives they desperately say 'Alas! Why I don't see this in my wife'? This kind of surrender from a wife pleases a husband so much that this even makes him think about getting everything for her and that is what the power of surrender or dharma is. If a person is lot successful and happy in his life then definitely there is a sensible woman behind him.

But also the wife could pretend for few days as if she respects her husband's order but after few days her anger would burst again and she would again start cursing her husband for not fulfilling her wish. Then that is not the complete surrender. The wife should simply give up her desires completely till her husband himself come to her and ask her what she needs and that is what the complete surrender is. But truth is that some husbands are also crooks and they don't respect the innocence in their wives. Bust still the duty of the wife is to stick to her dharma and if her desire is pure and genuine, some day nature would fulfill it even if her husband doesn't. But definitely, wives should ignore their impure desires where the motive is not more than anything else than selfishness.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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