What moon, cancer and 4th house represents in astrology?

4th house represents your mother, your physical home as well as your soul. Why 4th house is also represented by your soul? We all human beings are actually soul and not body and so soul is our comfort zone. When you go to deep sleep at night, your mental and physical activity stops and your own soul merges into the highest and ultimate universal soul and that is reason you feel relaxed and peaceful from inside as you are now in your own comfort zone (soul). So soul is your own comfort zone and your home also represents that. If you don’t believe in this concept of soul than definitely your Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of capricorn in your birth chart. You becomes atheistic when Jupiter gets debilitated. So 4th house is all about your own comforts, mother’s nourishment, security and peace of mind. A child feels secure when in mother’s laps and so 4th house is also about emotional security. Infect everything related to your home including your family is represented by 4th house.

Since mother is seen from 4th house so is your motherland. If you were born in India and resides in USA than you will miss your motherland (represented by 4th house). So 4th house can also be used in the sense of your motherland. 4th house also represents your divine mother. Left heart is known for the location of soul inside our body and so left heart is the major part represented by the 4th house. The deity Shiva and her wife Parvati resides on left heart and so these deities rule over the 4th house. If you want to experience your soul you should go to the planet moon and that is the reason moon is declared to be the ruling planet of your soul (sign of cancer) or 4th house. Moon is calm and quite and peaceful like your soul. Most astrologers would say moon is your mind but its actually not so. Moon is not your mind but it actually represents your soul and the sign of cancer is ruled by moon.

For example, If moon is in 12th house in your birth chart it simply means you feel secure and get relief in your heart (peace of mind) when you are in isolation or in foreign lands as 12th house represents the isolated and foreign places. This indicates a chart of a person who is very much spiritual and he will be very much interested in meditation as 12th house is also the house of spirituality and moksha through meditation. But it is more so if the cusp of 12th house has a cancer sign or pisces sign or scorpio sign as all three are emotional watery signs which indicates imaginative world and not the real world. Scorpio is more about deep research work and not meditation, intuition and imagination.

But actually not all people feel relaxed, secure and get peace of mind (relief in their heart) when they are isolated, but the truth is that some people even feel insecure in isolation or when they are cut off from their family. That is the reason moon is not in the same house of horoscopes of different people. For example, some people may find security and peace of mind when they earn lot of money for their family and in that case moon of such people may be found in 2nd house which is the house of wealth and family. Many people feel relaxed and get relief in their heart and find security and peace of mind when they mix up and communicate with their friends, neighbors, relatives or when they are doing their work related to communication. In that case the moon of such people could be found in the 3rd house as 3rd house is the house of communication, relatives, siblings and people close to your home.

Moon could also be in different houses in the sign of cancer. But if the moon is in the sign of cancer than irrespective of the house placement, the person will always be pure in heart and always be willing to give to others and provide unconditional love to others just like a mother has unconditional love for her child. These people are not at all selfish and always want to help others without asking anything in return as the soul is pure and cancer sign represents your soul. A cow gives milk to everyone without expecting anything in return that is how the moon in cancer people are.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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