How could a woman be responsible for your success or failure in business?

woman success in business
It’s an old saying that behind every successful man there’s a great woman. Let’s see why it is so. If you have studied physics, in science, you might have come across potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential energy is the stored energy and kinetic energy is the energy in a moving object. For example, a rock resting on the top of a cliff has the gravitational potential energy (energy stored due to gravity), but when it slides down its potential energy gets converted into the kinetic energy (energy in a moving object). Again, if the rock is resting on the ground level (not on a cliff) then you have to push it hard to get it moving due to the absence of gravitational potential energy. It simply means motion of the rock will depend on it’s stored potential energy.

Similarly, your moving in life (kinetic energy) will depend a lot on the potential of the woman behind you. In other words, any woman behind you (especially your wife or girlfriend) acts like the kinetic energy for you. To clarify more, electrical energy stored in copper wires acts like the potential energy to move or run electrical appliances. The movement of appliances is the conversion to kinetic energy from the potential electrical energy.

In what way potential energy is stored in a woman?

Till now we have been discussing the potential of a woman to drive a man. But the question is in what way this potential energy is stored in a woman? The potential energy stored in a woman is actually her power of chastity and innocence. This power is reflected through her sense of dignity, honor, and righteousness as mentioned by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (a great saint from India) here. According to her (Shri Mataji), woman’s qualities must be like the potential of the mother earth, as mother earth has lots of potentials and a woman also have to be a mother ultimately.

There should be mutual faith, trust, and utmost understanding. All this will help a woman to drive her husband efficiently and let him succeed where he wants to. This also gives a good reason to get married first instead of worrying about career, as you will be driven much faster after marriage which in turn will give quicker success. Just you need to make sure the girl whom you marry has the required potential(power of innocence and chastity) otherwise things may not work as expected and go the other way.

How can it be theoretically proved?

Though there is no any scientific evidence that a man is driven by a woman but there is a way to prove it my means of astrology. You need to have at least some basic knowledge of astrology and that will really help to understand better. Vedic Astrology is a very ancient science and ancient Sages or Rishis were able to predict a lot of things about a person using the astrological birth chart. That science is still into operation in the current age as an ancestral continuation. A birth chart of a person could be easily generated with the help of a Kundli software using his/her date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

astrology basic chart

According to Vedic astrology, a given birth chart has 12 houses, starting from the top as the 1st house, and then moving anti-clockwise till it reaches to the 12th house as mentioned in the above image. Each house in astrology represents something. In short, for example, if it is your birth chart than first house represents your physical body and appearance, the 2nd house represents your family and wealth, the 3rd house represents communication, the 4th house represents your mother and home…..and so on. Things represented by each house are not limited to of what I mentioned in the previous line. Just visit this page on Wikipedia for detailed analysis of all the 12 houses in Vedic astrology.

I only want to point out that 7th house in an astrological birth chart represents both marriage partner and business partner (as mentioned on the Wikipedia's page above), and this is also the house of people whom you deal with in your business, that is, your customers. In other words, 7th house is both the house of business and your spouse. What does this imply? Why same house assigned to both business and wife? This simply means there is a big connection between the relationship with your wife and business customers (or business partner). If relationships with your wife are not all right than relationships with the customers or business partner will also fail and that may put your business in the doldrums.

Eight planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Rahu and Ketu) also play a big role for prediction in astrology. Mars is a planet that represents aggression in astrology. In your birth chart if Mars is in 7th house (house of business and wife) it simply means you are aggressive in dealing with your wife and as a result of your business customers too. You might have also heard your customers saying to you “it seems you fought with your wife last night” when you sometimes talk to them with aggression. This gives clear indication that there is some strong connection between your business and wife (or girlfriend).

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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