What is a Materialistic Nature and Why Some Women are so Materialistic?

Materialistic nature
People with materialistic nature have a love for perishable products or goods rather than moral or spiritual values. Here is an example. Suppose there is a house wife and she is totally dependent on her husband for her livelihood. Some day she asked her husband for a new mobile phone but the husband refused to buy one for her as he might be in trouble with the money. The wife didn't like that refusal and she bought the mobile phone without her husband's consent by getting money from her brother or maybe from someone else.

So here the wife was more concerned about her product rather than moral values. If you are dependent on your husband for your livelihood then you need to respect the final decision made by him and should not go against his decision and that's what the dharma of a woman is. But her ego won't let her do so and that is the reason you would find her running behind someone else to achieve the desired product. When moral values are lost then there starts the fight between the husband and the wife because you are hurting your life partner by doing immoral things.

Actually, a woman is more prone to surrounding environment and this is mostly true with an uneducated woman who is a housewife. When she would find that other women in the society have a better quality life than her, she envies about it. She can't bear the inequality and that makes her immoral. That is the sign of a weak woman who has lost her tolerance. And sometimes a woman doesn't even know that she possesses such a low character of intolerance and envy because there is no discretion in her. Lack of discretion is the biggest problem of human being as then he is not able to take the right decision which is according to dharma.

Moreover, sometimes a woman feel insulted when some of her neighbors or colleagues would just laugh at her for something that she owns is a cheap product of low quality or the product is not of too high standard. This is again a sign of low character sitting inside you who care too much about what the people say. This is called social fear and this kind of feeling comes into you when you are too much involved in the society. Just think can those people save you from going to hell if you are not on the path of dharma because of them? You should actually be detached from this kind of fear and should concentrate more on duties of life which are your dharma.

People are actually not following the path of dharma that is why they are so weak and fearful. If you can stick to dharma for at least one life it can give you tremendous strength for many future lives and it will make you detached from the whole world and will give you joy and peace inside instead of worries and fear. You come nearer to your soul when you become detached and that really gives satisfaction, peace, and love inside. When you go against the dharma materialism starts settling into you and vice versa.

You won't believe it but dharma or morality plays a big role in life and it comes into play for every action or decision you take in life. To give you an example there is also dharma for sex. If you are doing sex with your opposite partner before marriage then this is a big diversion from dharma as you are not respecting your chastity in that case. So each and every step in life should be taken with great care because you never know what decision or action could go against dharma.

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