Is there a way to make my Wife Happy?

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To make a person happy, first, you need to understand the nature of that person. Problem is, what you are, is what you see all around. A person would suspect all people as thieves if he himself is a thief. Likewise, if you are honest you could see honesty even in a dishonest person (till you ultimately realize that he/she was actually dishonest). Don't read a person from his/her face because some people have the great capability to pretend as innocent with their face, just like the movie actors and actresses who are smart enough to bring any type of expressions on their face as needed by the film director. Here I want to say, if you want to make someone happy, first try and understand the nature of that person as you cannot read the face.

Let's consider the case of a wife. Some wives don't understand the feelings of love and they only want to check what and how much you gift them throughout the year. Those kinds of wives are only concerned with the worldly products and you can also make them happy with some outdoor fun like visiting cinema hall for a movie or visiting some good restaurant or hotel for the dinner every week.

Such wives are prone to what they see everything around them. I say this because such wives would ask for everything that their female friends or relatives are getting from their husbands. You can keep such wives happy as long as you get them everything they desire and I can also assure you that at any point in their life their desires won't come to an end. Such wives mostly cannot remain loyal to their husbands because they think if their husband cannot fulfill their desires that simply means they don't have that love for them. For such wives, the number of worldly products they get is equal to the amount of love their husbands have for them.

Their love is simple mathematics and doesn't involve any actual feelings of love and mutual understanding. The situation becomes even worse if the husband is earning a lot but spending very less on his wife. Such wives are actually not matured. So if you are suffering from such a wife (I wish you are not) keep struggling hard in life to make more and more money and keep spending so that your wife remains happy. But once you stop fulfilling her desires she would no longer be loyal to you and would run behind others who can fulfill her desires.

But remember not all wives are the same. Don't try to make your wife happy by offering her worldly products and worldly comforts if she is matured and she doesn't care about all these things. Some wives (though very less) have feelings of love in them. You can only impress them by spending time with them. Like she would want that her husband accompanies her when she is watching a television serial. She would want her husband to have dinner with her every day. She would like her husband to take her alone to some movie sometimes (not always) during special occasions like birthday or marriage anniversary. She would not be much comfortable going for a movie along with her husband's friends or relatives. If there is any health issue she would never want to go to the doctor alone or with any other family's male member. She would want her husband to take her to the doctor.

But such wives would extremely be hurt if you are spending your time with some other women in or around your life. You are also hurting such wife if you are spending most of your time in earning reputation and goodwill in the society by earning more and more money and arriving home late night. If you are earning enough than spending time with your individual family (wife and children) is more important than anything else. However making more and more money and coming late night will not matter much to your wife if she is more concerned with your money as we discussed earlier. So first understand the nature of your wife and do or offer her what she wants to make her happy. That is how things will go.

But the truth is that it will not be possible to make husband and wife happy each other if they are of opposite nature. If your wife is expecting that you don't spend time with another woman in or around your life and instead of doing that you are presenting her a gift to make her happy then she would never be happy with your gift. Don't let your unusual behavior irritate your wife and that is the best way to make her happy. Similarly, if your wife expects a gift from you rather than your presence with her than again you cannot make her happy because she doesn't understand the true feelings of love and concerned only with worldly products. So you cannot make someone happy from your point of view as every person on this earth has different nature.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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