What will Mars do in the sign of Scorpio in the 4th house? (Vedic Astrology)

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Mars in Scorpio sign in 4th house
Mars in the sign of Scorpio in the 4th house (for Leo Ascendant) makes the person very secretive and intense by heart. Since the 4th house represents the physical home the person becomes very secretive at home and not willing to meet others at home. That is the reason Leo Ascendants don't want to be disturbed at home.

They become very private and personal at home and also at places such as restaurants and hotels where there is a serving of food and bed comforts. This is because places like hotels, inn, and restaurants are also the part of the 4th house and at all these places Leo ascendants become serious and personal when Mars is in Scorpio.

With 'Mars in the sign of Scorpio' they may also become very sexual at home provided the Venus is also seated in the 4th house or if Venus is placed in the 10th house and giving an aspect from the 10th house to the 4th house.

Also, just like the 3rd house is your communication 4th house represents your mind and a Leo Ascendant has the capacity to research everything in their mind (due to Scorpio sign on the 4th house) through intuition as their sign of cancer (mind) is on the 12th house of isolation. When the mind is isolated in the 12th house it gives a lot of intuition power and so Leo Ascendant people are the original researchers and many of them are scientists especially those who have their moon placed in the 12th house. When you discover anything new (inventions) that is only possible through intuition and none of the Ascendants has the 'capacity of intuition' more than the LEOs because of the cancer sign on their 12th house of intuition and spirituality.

With 'Mars in the sign of Scorpio' these people may do a lot of research work at home if the moon is placed in the 12th house. This is because when the moon is placed in the 12th house the mind is in isolation (as 12th house is isolation) but still there has to have some karma (work) in isolation also and that is nothing but some research work.

But the location of Saturn also needs to be checked for the final confirmation. If Saturn is placed in the 8th house (in the sign of Pisces) then definitely the person is doing a lot of research work at home or at any other private place as 8th house is of research or digging deep for the truth. The 4th house could be any place where you are in your comfort zone (or private) and not necessarily only home. If Jupiter (lord of Pisces sign and 8th house) is placed in the 2nd house (along with mercury) then the research may be related to finance or food. So, depending on the location of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and mercury it will be decided what exactly is the research work done at home.

For example, If Saturn is also placed in the sign of Scorpio in the 4th house along with Mars then the person could even be a heart surgery specialist doctor. Scorpio sign is always a sign of digging deep and since 4th house represents the heart the digging could be of heart which usually doctors does. There are also many electronic items which provide conveniences to us at our homes such as a refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc and the engineers involved in either making or repairing these products may also have the placement of Saturn and Mars in the sign of Scorpio in the 4th house. You will understand this better once you know about the sign of Scorpio better.

There is actually an unlimited number of possibilities > regarding the career > if Mars is placed in the sign of Scorpio in the 4th house but without looking at the placement of all other planets in the birth chart it will not be possible to predict accurately.

If Saturn is placed in the 10th house (considering Mars still in 4th house) then the person could even be serving the people of his/her homeland (as the 4th house also represents your motherland in Vedic Astrology) as a government employee as 10th house represents the government and all other higher posts. It may also be that the person is at some higher post in his village (4th house of the homeland) in the government department. So you see there could be so many permutations and combinations.

Whatever the profession > the person may go into > but one thing is sure > with this placement > the person will get his home and other conveniences of life very easily during the period of Mars (Mahadasa or Anterdasa). Even if he is not able to get much still he will be content as a person is always content when the lord of a particular house is seated in its own sign. If the 4th lord is sitting in the 4th house then the 4th house is fully protected regarding the peace of mind, security, and conveniences of life. So this is a great placement to have.

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