What if 12th house lord sun is sitting in the 1st house in Vedic Astrology?

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Sun in first house for Virgo Rising or Ascendant
The first house is the native himself and his personality and his image in the world and 12th house is the house of foreign lands and spirituality. There could be a lot of meaning when 12th house lord is placed in the 1st house.

For example, if Sun is the lord of your 12th house and if it is placed in the sign of Virgo in the 1st house it could mean your personality is of someone who is known as a leader or boss in foreign countries. It could mean you provide services to foreign places while sitting in your homeland (through computers) or at places which are isolated from the real world such as hospitals, jails, sports grounds, farmlands, jungles, asylums, ashrams, forests etc.

Since Sun represents your identity it shows your identity could be like of a Virgo (the service provider) in foreign places or foreign countries as mentioned above. Since the Sun also represents the education and knowledge this placement gives indication you could get your education from some foreign country or outside your homeland or from distant locations through computers. It could also mean you do online business or job from distant places or foreign countries.

Since Sun also represents fun and entertainment you could also be a media personality behind the scenes with this placement. Since Sun also represents sports it could also mean you could be a sportsman who plays for his country and often goes to foreign lands and foreign countries for the sports competitions. You could also be known as a doctor or nurse or some other health practitioner in isolated places such as the hospitals, ashrams, orphanage (anath asram) etc. But this is more so if your Mars is placed in the 12th house otherwise not.

If the lord of the 1st house Mercury is also placed in the 12th house (while still considering your Sun is placed in the first house in the sign of Virgo) then it gives clear indication that you may even settle in isolation or foreign land as permanent with your personality still as a boss or a leader in some health field or sports coach or maybe a teacher as mercury in the sign of Leo also indicates a teacher as Leo is knowledge, sports and education.

Mercury is communication and writing and Leo is also government and politics so you may even write or speak about the government or politics in isolation (such as on a website through computers) with this placement. But there may be a lot of arguments and complaints in the writing. You may even write film scripts, poems, novels, about health products etc in isolation or using computers (behind the scenes) with this placement of 1st lord in 12th house and 12th lord in the 1st house for a Virgo Ascendant.

If Mars is placed in the 12th house then you could be physically active in moving to foreign countries and foreign places as Mars represents you yourself (the physical body of yours). Mars rules the Aries sign which is the sign of the first house in the natural zodiac and so it represents your physical body. Mars is the energy which makes you move. Saturn is the action you perform. When Mars is weak Saturn will also be weak because you cannot perform an action if there is no energy in you.

Again, considering Sun in the first house, mercury in the 12th house, Mars in the 12th house and Rahu in the 3rd house could even make you a sports commentator. This is because mercury in the sign of Leo could make you communicate about sports as Leo represents sports and in the 12th house, you are behind the scenes (outside of the playground witnessing the game). Rahu in the 3rd house makes you obsessed about communication and Virgo side of mercury is arguments which is what you do in commentary.

If mercury is placed in the 2nd house then it could mean you deal with the finances or food online in a foreign country. Maybe you are someone communicating with the foreign customers and discussing with them about the prices (finances) of the services you offer.

If Mercury is placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Scorpio you may be a writer who writes about coding or occult science or other things of the 8th house and you do all that behind the scenes on your computer.

If mercury is in the sign of Pisces in the 7th house then your profession doesn't involve communicating at all or you might face trouble with the writing and communicating properly and resolving the arguments and disputes of the customers.

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