What if 12th house lord Sun is in 2nd house in Vedic Astrology?

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Leo sign on the 12th house cusp shows that the native (a Virgo Ascendant) will get his knowledge (as Sun or Leo is knowledge) from foreign or distant places or through computers and internet by being behind the scenes. Since the 12th house lord Sun is seated in the 2nd house in the sign of Libra this shows that the native will get the knowledge (information) of either finance or food or luxury items from distant places as 2nd house represents finance and food.

It may be that a person has its own retail shop of food or luxury items and he is connected with the suppliers at distance locations (outside the city where his own shop is located) and he takes all the information from the suppliers related to food or other luxury items on phone (communication). This is surely possible as the knowledge coming from foreign places to the native is related to 2nd house only and it is through communication as the 2nd house is 3rd from the 12th house. Just better know what 2nd house represents and things will be more clear and also will give more ideas.

Leo sign on the 12th house also shows the love and romance and business deals happen behind the scenes (for example through phone or internet) in a hidden way or at secret places for Virgo rising people as 12th house is 8th from the 5th house of love and romance. Any house that is 8th from a particular house becomes the secret of that house. This is due to the fact that the 8th house is of hidden secrets. But since Sun is placed in the sign of Libra in the 2nd house the 'love and romance' is going to fail as there is an ego in the relationship (as Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra and Sun is ego).

Libra is a sign of relationships, union, contracts, and partnerships and when Sun is placed in this sign the relationships and partnerships badly suffer. The relationships could be related to business or personal. The relationships with the family will also suffer (as the 2nd house is also family) and you may also have disputes and arguments with your father as Sun represents father or you might even have lost your father at an early age.

The business dealings done through phone or internet with people at distant locations may suffer during the period of Sun (Mahadasa, Anterdasa or any other small periods) due to the reason that the Sun is debilitated and the native may suffer losses in the business or service they provide. But If Venus (the ruler of Libra sign) is also placed along with the Sun in the 2nd house then the native's relationships won't suffer as a planet sitting in its own house protects that house.

Also, if there is an exchange of lords, such as the lord of 12th house sitting in the 2nd house and the lord of 2nd house sitting in the 12th house, then the native's business will do wonders and there will be no any losses in business.

If this is the birth chart of a woman she could be getting a lot of information related to food and finances through the internet as the Virgos get their education (knowledge or information) either from foreign countries or by behind the scenes on computers because Sun represents the knowledge of all kinds whether it is related to food, finances, any product information, etc. and Sun is ruling their 12th house of isolation and spirituality.

But the 2nd house is also of creativity such as website design and so the native could also be acquiring a lot of knowledge of designing or cooking through internet as the internet helps to acquire knowledge from foreign places. If Mars is placed in the 12th house then the native could actually travel to a foreign country for studies and sports as the Leo sign represents studies and sports. Otherwise, the education is just being acquired online with the placement of Sun being in the 2nd house.

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