What if 6th lord Sun is placed in the 12th house for Pisces Rising?

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If the 6th house lord > Sun > is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 12th house it could be a problem for the native > especially if Saturn (12th house lord) is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Aries for a Pisces rising native.

Since the Leo sign falls on the 6th house for a Pisces Ascendant it could mean > the personality (as Leo is personality) of the native could be of a diseased or troubled person himself or someone who cures problems and diseases of others.

Now if Sun is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 12th house it could mean the native is either part of an organization isolated from the world such as a hospital, prison, orphanage, ashrams, playgrounds, country borders, etc as these places are represented by the 12th house and the sign of Aquarius represents the large institutions and organizations where people work collectively and internet is also Aquarius. Or the identity of the native comes from behind the scenes (through mass media) who might be a distributor or someone working to grow their network of products or services over the internet or other media.

But if Saturn (lord of the 12th house) is debilitated in the sign of Aries in the 2nd house then the native could be deprived of his > family, food and wealth (as 2nd house represents family and wealth) > and so he could be forced to live in an ashram > meant for destitute > which is also an isolated place from the real world > and so a representation of the 12th house. That is what the Saturn could do when it gets debilitated for a Pisces rising native.

However, if Saturn (being the lord of 12th house) is placed in the first house in the sign of Pisces (considering Sun > still in the 12th house) it is a great placement to have > to get gains in life > as when a planet is seated in the house which is next to the house it owns > it gives great gains in life from foreign country or through an institute or organization isolated from the real world. It may be you are on some post in those institutes or you work for someone online and get gains from there.

If Saturn is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 3rd house (with Sun still in 12th house) you may be a distributor or a communicator of food or luxury items (clothing, toys, goggles etc) or finances. It may also be you are running an e-commerce website or a financial website over the internet.

If Saturn and Rahu are placed in the sign of Gemini in the 4th house (with Sun still in 12th house) you may be an entertainer to the masses through mass media or otherwise with your communication skills, especially if Mercury and Sun both are located in the 12th house in the Aquarius sign and Venus is placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Taurus. You may also be a writer with this placement > who writes about the diseases, social welfare, marketing, networking, pets, law, etc

If Saturn is placed in the sign of Cancer in the 5th house (with Sun still in 12th house) you may have an insecurity when it comes to stage performance, sports, education and regarding your children but if the moon is also seated with the Saturn you may be into fun and entertainment services and then you also don't have any insecurity as the lord of the house is placed with the Saturn. You may also be good at mind games and mind related sports in that case.

If Saturn is placed in the sign of Leo in the 6th house (with Sun still in 12th house) there will be an exchange of lords and good to get a lot of gains by being in the field related to health and nutrition, pets, debt, etc. You may also be into the social welfare and working for the underprivileged with this placement.

But Sun in the sign of Aquarius, in general, is not considered good and may give trouble during the first half of the life. It will be difficult for you to be collective when into places such as ashrams, jails, hospitals, and other places which are isolated from the world. You may also have a stage fear.

If Saturn is placed in the sign of Virgo in the 7th house (with Sun still in 12th house) you may have a fear to argue, fight and dispute with someone > in the first half of your life. Later on in your life, you may resolve people's disputes (by being a meditator) with this placement of Sun and Saturn. But you may have a lot of arguments with your spouse once married.

Plz, note: All these are just possibilities unless the position of all the planets in the birth chart is known.

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