Can debilitated Venus in 6th house make you offer free kitchen (free food)? (Vedic Astrology)

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For Aries Ascendant, Venus rules the 2nd house and the 7th house and it is considered debilitated when placed in the sign of Virgo in the 6th house.

6th house is 5th from the 2nd house of wealth and so the 6th house is showing off your wealth by donating money to underprivileged or by helping the sick people or poor people or poor animals. Anything 5th is showing off. You may also offer a free kitchen (free food), called langar in the Punjabi language, to poor and needy people with this placement of Venus in the 6th house. This is more so if the 4th house lord "Moon" is also placed in the 6th house as Moon and 4th house represents nurturing.

You can check this youtube video where one person is offering food for just INR 5 and this sort of charity can be the result of Venus in the sign of Virgo.

Now when Venus is debilitated in the 6th house you try to show off even when you don't have the money. If the lord of the 6th house > Mercury > is placed in the 2nd house > you may even incur debt just to show off.

If the lord of 6th house Mercury is placed in the 12th house (debilitated mercury) then you may even donate a lot of money to Charities just to show off that you are wealthy. This is because 12th house is the house of donations and charities.

Also, 6th house is the loss of the 7th house as 6th house is 12th from the 7th house. Since Venus rules the 7th house (for Aries Ascendant) there could be a loss of partnerships, contracts, and relationships when 7th house lord > Venus > is placed in the 6th house. It may also result in a divorce with your wife if Sun or Mars is placed in the 7th house. But any positive aspect from Jupiter on the 7th house will save the marriage.

It may also be that you spent a lot of money on advertising your business but in the end, your business failed and you had to close it with losses. This is what a debilitated Venus can do if it is truly debilitated in the 6th house. But this is not always so, especially if there is an aspect of Jupiter to the 6th house. But if Sun is debilitated in the 7th house then it may actually happen.

If you will join any food or finance (as 2nd house represents food and finances) related competition then you will be the one among the losers of the competition because of your Venus being debilitated in the 6th house of competition.

You may also lose money in the stock markets and gambling if Venus is in Virgo in the 6th house and Mercury is in the 12th house of losses (Mercury is also debilitated in the sign of Pisces and so will certainly give losses). This is because 6th house is 5th from the 2nd house of wealth which means you play (5 is Sun and so playing) with money in the 6th house which is what gambling is. When you invest in stocks it is 5th-11th house axis but when you trade it is the 6th-12th house axis.

Plz Note: If Mercury is also placed with Venus in the 6th house or if Rahu is seated along with Venus or if Rahu is in the sign of Taurus in the 2nd house then Venus cannot be considered as debilitated in the 6th house. This is because Rahu amplifies the sign or planet it is placed with and so it cancels the debilitation. It may then give great results in life during its period.

If Mercury (lord of the 6th house) and Venus both are seated in the 6th house then it could also make you a good accountant or a money manager. You may also become a doctor or nurse with this placement of Venus and Mercury but confirmation from other planets in the birth chart is needed. That is why analyzing the birth chart or horoscope as a whole is important and also need to look at the Navamsa chart.

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