Can exalted Venus in the 2nd house make you rich?

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For Aquarius Ascendant, Venus rules the 4th house and the 9th house and it is said to be exalted when placed in the sign of Pisces in the 2nd house.

Pisces is a sign of expansion and reaching far and wide through distribution (Aquarius). When Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 2nd house the native will have the passion to expand their business of materialistic products (as Venus represents materialistic products) far and wide either through the internet (e-commerce) or through their distribution network (in case they are doing a big business).

The materialistic products could be related to 2nd house such as clothing, luxury items, household items, toys, food, etc. During the Mahadasha or Anterdasha of Venus, the business could expand far and wide. When your Venus is exalted you are very peaceful and spiritual from your heart and that makes you very creative as Pisces is a sign of imagination and creativity.

When your heart becomes so spiritual then you are rewarded with the expansion of your business (as Pisces is a sign of expansion) as well. That is the major advantage of an exalted Venus over a debilitated Venus where you have to work hard for the livelihood and the possibility of the expansion (far and wide reach) is not there. Pisces sign always comes after the Aquarius sign and Aquarius is distribution and Pisces is the outcome of distribution which is expansion.

Since Venus represents 'wealth and pleasure' and Pisces sign is of expansion it means expansion of 'wealth and pleasure' when Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces. But the results will be different for the placement of exalted Venus in different houses.

2nd house is not just the luxury products and food but it is also the house of creativity such acting, singing, designing, money, currency, wealth, arts and crafts, modeling, etc. as Venus represents all these things and Venus is also the ruler of 2nd house in the default zodiac. Now when Venus is exalted in the 2nd house there could be an expansion of your creative services. For example, if you are a singer your voice could reach far and wide to a large audience as Pisces is a sign of expansion.

Your art could also reach far and wide. For example, this person Sourav has a youtube channel and he is an artist of very high caliber. He is teaching arts through youtube videos and his subscribers are growing in numbers every day. His earning is also growing as his art is reaching throughout the world through the internet. This is what an expansion is and this is what an exalted Venus do. Sourav might be having an exalted Venus somewhere in his horoscope or birth chart.

Kapil Sharma, the great Indian Comedian, has his Venus exalted in the 5th house of fun and entertainment and you can see > his creativity is been seen throughout India through his television show > "The Kapil Sharma Show".

But unless the position of Jupiter (ruler of Pisces) and Moon and other planets is known in the horoscope > it will not be possible to exactly know which field your expansion will happen as the 2nd house represents so many things (where your Venus is exalted). For example, if Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces sign, is debilitated then the exalted Venus cannot be considered as exalted as the foundation is weak. Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. But if Rahu is seated in the sign of Capricorn then it will cancel the debilitation of the Jupiter as Rahu amplifies the sign it sits in. So it makes the debilitated Jupiter a normal Jupiter. So nothing can be said exactly unless the full chart is carefully analyzed.

But if Rahu is placed in the 4th house (in the sign of Taurus) and the ruler of the Pisces sign > Jupiter > is also placed along with the Venus in the 2nd house then it is 100% sure you will get great results in life during the period of Jupiter or Venus. You could be rich in life by the expansion of the wealth of the 2nd house.

Venus in the sign of Pisces in the 2nd house actually means the person is taking divine sensual pleasure (as the 2nd house is of sensual pleasures) and that is also possible if the person (native) is a singer or into meditation or involved into some other fun related activities such as playing the musical instruments.

Since Venus (Libra sign on 9th house) also rules the 9th house for an Aquarius Ascendant and 9th house is of law and religion it could also be that your some book > related to religion or law > could sell all over the country with this placement of Venus in the 2nd house (Exalted Venus). There is actually a lot of possibilities. You could also promote your business services to masses via mass media or through lectures on stage.

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