Can exalted Venus in 3rd house make you popular in the mass media? (Vedic Astrology)

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For a Capricorn Ascendant, Venus rules the 10th house and the 5th house and it is said to be exalted when placed in the 3rd house. This is a great placement to have to expand your business products or services through mass media. Aquarius is distribution and the result of distribution is the expansion (reaching far and wide) which is the representation of the sign of Pisces.

Now when Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 3rd house it means you have the passion to expand your business products or services through mass media such as the television, radio, internet, phone, etc. as the 3rd house represents the mass media. During the period of Venus (Mahadasha or Anterdasha) your business products or services or your talent may come in the limelight and there could be an expansion of your services through mass media. This could bring a lot of money from your business services or talent.

Now it will depend on the location of Jupiter (the lord of Pisces) and other planets to exactly know what kind of product or business services you will be offering through the mass media. But one thing is sure > whatever you may be involved in > it could go viral to make good money. This is because Venus is wealth and pleasure and when it is placed in the sign of Pisces > there is an expansion of wealth and pleasure as Pisces is a sign of expansion. But this may not be so if your Jupiter (the lord of Pisces) is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn as in that case Venus cannot be considered as exalted in the sign of Pisces.

But if Rahu is placed in the sign of Capricorn then Jupiter cannot be considered as debilitated as Rahu amplifies the sign or the planet it sits with and so it will make the debilitated Jupiter as a normal Jupiter.

If your Jupiter is placed in its own sign Pisces in the 3rd house (conjuncting Venus) and if Saturn is also placed in its own sign (Aquarius) in the 2nd house > no one can stop you in achieving the greatest of the wealth in your life through your business or talent. This is because Saturn grows your network when it is placed in the sign of Aquarius (own sign of Saturn) as Saturn represents networking and distribution. Since 2nd house is of food, finances, and creativity > either of these things will expand and grow with the placement of Saturn and Jupiter both in their own signs and Venus exalted.

You see there are many financial advisers and teachers of finance who are making use of media such as youtube videos to promote their services and products. They are making a lot of money from Google Ads by advertising through media such as the internet. Such people usually have the placement of exalted Venus in the 3rd house as over the internet the possibility of expansion is huge and that is what the Pisces sign represents.

For example, Nitin Bhatia is an online financial adviser and here is his youtube channel. Venus in the sign of Pisces in the birth chart (D1) doesn't mean you will always become spiritual, imaginative and creative. You need to check the placement of your Venus in the Navamsa Chart in order to know how creative you are and in what field as it is Navamsa Chart only that tells about the inner strength and qualities of your planets. Birth Chart is just your life's situation while the Navamsa Chart tells the inner qualities of your planets.

However, in the birth chart placement of Venus in the sign of Pisces shows you have the passion to expand your services, products or talent to masses (Aquarius). You want to be alone and also collective at the same time which is something like the media and the internet world. When you make a youtube video you are alone in the room but still, there is an interaction with the masses by being behind the scenes. That is what Venus is Pisces does.

If your Jupiter is placed in the sign of Leo in the 8th house you could even be a stock adviser or in general adviser for gambling or you may run a website over the internet related to stocks, games, and gambling. There are actually unlimited possibilities depending on the location of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Rahu, and Venus. But one thing is sure this is a great placement to have to be popular in the mass media. You may even sell something online with this placement of Venus and certainly, you will make a lot of money unless Jupiter is debilitated or some other planets in the birth chart are debilitated.

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