Can exalted Venus in 5th house make your product global? (Vedic Astrology)

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For a Scorpio Ascendant person, Venus rules their 7th house and 12th house and Venus is said to be exalted in the sign of Pisces in the 5th house.

Aquarius is a sign of networking and distribution and the outcome of distribution is expansion which the sign of Pisces represents. When your goods or services or talent reach far and wide (say through mass media) this happens through networking (Aquarius) and the result of this networking or distribution is the expansion (Pisces) of your services at distant locations. When Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 5th house it expands your creativity and then your product or service (or talent) becomes global > as the sign of Pisces and Aquarius are all about being one and global. When you expand you become global.

When your Venus is exalted your passion becomes to represent a global audience or somehow reach your product or services to a global audience and that really helps to make more money. That is the reason Exalted Venus is must to acquire wealth in life. It is not only about Venus but even if you have any one planet in the sign of Pisces it will certainly do wonders to make money in life as expansion in talent or business is not possible without the sign of Pisces.

For a Scorpio Ascendant, Venus rules the 7th house of contracts, partnerships, agreements, and relationships and so these things will expand in your life as Venus is controlling these things and it is exalted in the 5th house of fun and entertainment. Also, the relationships or contracts for a Scorpio Ascendant happens > behind the scenes (mass media) or through foreign places as the sign of Libra (of relationships or contracts) falls on their 12th house cusp and 12th house represents mass media and foreign and isolated places.

You see many people have their network of cinema theatres all over the country and they make sales of their tickets online with global reach. Such people may have their Venus exalted in the 5th house of fun and entertainment. Many Scorpio rising people are also involved into manufacturing business of clothes, fashion, luxury items, sweets, toys, electronics, etc (which Venus represents) and with this placement of Venus their business expands and makes them a huge amount of money.

The best placement could be when Saturn and Jupiter are also placed in their own signs of Pisces and Aquarius while still considering Venus is located in the sign of Pisces in the 5th house. This is the type of placement you need to make a huge amount of money. The native can also do wonders in the fun and entertainment world (such as theme parks, sports, games, etc) with this placement of Venus.

A good example is the comedian 'Kapil Sharma'. He has his Venus, Mars and Sun placed in the sign of Pisces in the 5th house and this makes him so popular all over the country as a comedian through his television show "The Kapil Sharma Show" and the show that already created history in the past "Comedy Nights with Kapil".

The important thing about Venus in Pisces is that it makes you a global personality and you do not simply stick to your own family. Your love then becomes for everyone and not limited to your own family. Pisces is really a sign of oneness and that is the reason Pisces represents spirituality as spirituality is all about being one with the divine power.

Many business owners who are into export and import also have such kind of exalted Venus in the 5th house as for a Scorpio Ascendant person business contracts (represented by the sign of Libra) happens also from foreign countries as their sign of Libra falls on the 12th house of foreign countries. When you export or import that is another way to become global and that is what an exalted Venus does.

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