Can exalted Venus in 11th house make you active on social networking sites?

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For a Taurus Ascendant person, Venus rules the first house and the 6th house and it is said to be exalted when placed in the sign of Pisces in the 11th house.

The sign of Pisces is a sign of isolation, peace, spirituality and being "behind the scenes". When Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 11th house you have the passion to deal with your professional network circle, friends' circle and customers from behind the scenes > such as by using the mass media (computer and internet for example). This is because 11th house represents your network circle and the sign of Pisces is a sign of mass media (behind the scenes).

During your childhood, this network circle could be of your friends' circle where it may be you play games (such as PUBG) while in a network (internet) over the smartphones, tablets or computers. During your young age, this network circle could be > social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. All the social networking sites are the representation of the 11th house as 11th house is the house of collectivity, networking, and distribution. So there could be a lot of involvement with your network circle throughout your life when Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 11th house.

Taurus Rising people are mostly about acquiring wealth and acquiring sensual pleasures of life as they have that 2nd house energy in them (as the sign of Taurus rules the 2nd house). The 10th house is your workplace, the business reputation or the business brand and 11th house is the house of your business customers. When Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 11th house > your life then mostly becomes growing your network of customers as there is more money when you have more customers.

Venus is your ability to enjoy and mostly people do those things in life which they enjoy. In the 11th house Venus will be more about networking and distribution and that is mostly done to acquire wealth as these are the customers only through which we acquire wealth when we make our sales to them and it doesn't matter what we distribute whether it is some book, any of the materialistic products represented by Venus, any type of services, etc.

The sign of Pisces is also a sign of expansion and so in the 11th house, it will expand your network of customers and friends' circle and will bring a lot of wealth in your life unless Jupiter (lord of the sign of Pisces) is debilitated in your birth chart or horoscope. If Jupiter is truly debilitated you may make a lot of money and then suddenly will lose it. Jupiter is considered debilitated in the sign of Capricorn but if Rahu is also seated with Jupiter then Jupiter cannot be considered as debilitated as Rahu amplifies the sign and planet it sits with. You will be highly engaged in your network circle or social groups when Venus is placed in the 11th house.

The 11th house is also the house of your hopes and wishes and an exalted Venus is most likely fulfill all your hopes and wishes. But the 11th house is also of social welfare and when Venus is exalted you could be someone involved in spreading spirituality in the society you live in or throughout your country or throughout the world using the mass media.

It may be you give your spiritual or religious lectures on youtube and those youtube videos are seen throughout the world over the internet. Or it may be that you travel to different countries or different cities in your country to spread your word. But this is more so if your Jupiter (the lord of the sign of Pisces) is placed in the sign of Leo in the 4th house. Leo and 4th house are both related to spirituality and "fun and entertainment".

Visiting foreign places is more likely when Mars is placed in the 12th house in its own sign of Aries. If this is really so (Mars placed in the 12th house) > you could also be an importer or exporter of any type of products or services (or even your talent) and there could be a lot of ups-and-downs to foreign countries or foreign places or even isolated places such as farmlands and country borders.

If Jupiter is placed in the 8th house in the sign of Sagittarius (still considering Venus in the 11th house) you could be involved in growing your network related to things of the 8th house such as hidden laws, taxes, things buried underground such as grains, oil, petroleum, gems, gold, silver, mining, occult science, religious acts, kundalini awakening and yogas, gutters, etc

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