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Plz note: The information below presented is from different lectures of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Mother), founder of Sahaja Yoga. If you are not aware > Sahaja Yoga is a spiritual organization spreading peace, harmony and good health (through meditation) all over the world through the awakening of kundalini power located inside every human being in the dormant state.

According to Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, all allergies are caused due to the bad liver as skin, where the allergies occur, is looked after by the liver. There are actually two types of problems in the liver. Either the liver is enlarged or the liver is contracted.

The case of enlarged liver

When the liver is enlarged it is mostly out of function and cold. It means a lethargic liver and a lethargic liver makes a person lethargic by temperament. He is in the habit of sleeping a lot and the problem is related to the left side (the emotional side). The lethargic liver also causes the left Nabhi to become lethargic (left Nabhi catches). You get all the allergies or the problem of Eczema due to the enlarged or the lethargic liver. The disease of Cirrhosis for which there is no cure is also caused due to the lethargic liver. When the liver is enlarged we need to contract it and that can be done by eating something like Chana (Gram).

Sometimes a child also gets the allergy and you may say there must be a catch of the left Nabhi in a child. Actually, since the child is not yet married, it is the left Nabhi of the mother which is catching and that is giving the allergy to the child. Left Nabhi is actually the Chakra of husband-wife relationships. When the relationship between the husband and the wife goes bad left Nabhi catches and then you get allergies.

When the left Nabhi catches there is a feeling of tingling in the left middle finger when you put both hands (with palm upwards) towards the mother's photograph. Once you clear the left Nabhi through the treatment mentioned in Sahaja Yoga the allergies go away and the relationships also improve or become perfectly alright. You can watch >this youtube video where the mother tells how to cure left Nabhi (lethargic liver) using the candle flame. Through the candle flame treatment, the disease of Cirrhosis will also go. Also, one can put a hot water bottle on the left stomach to cure the lethargic liver.

The case of contracted liver

When the liver gets too much heated up it contracts (become smaller in size) and it is the type of liver which is overly functioning (over-active liver) and creates the majority of the problems in the body such as cold, sneezing, temper, tension, acidity, nausea, biliousness, and anger. The contracted liver needs to be enlarged for its normal functioning and that can be done by putting ice (use ice pack) on the upper right portion of your abdomen (which is the location of the liver) or eat rice which can enlarge the liver again.

When you think too much and becomes futuristic or work too hard then the liver becomes over-active and you become right-sided (Sun- heat). When we eat something heat is produced by your digestive system and the job of the liver is to eliminate this heat (this heat is a sort of poison which is not good if it remains in the body) into the blood circulation. When the liver becomes overactive this heat cannot be passed into the blood circulation and as a result, it rises upwards in the body in the left heart or the right heart causing either heart attack (if left heart) or Asthma (if right heart).

That is the reason Asthma is cured in Sahaja Yoga by correcting the liver because it is caused due to the overactive liver. The heat also sometimes get into the kidneys and gives high blood pressure and constipation. So you can see the majority of the diseases are caused due to the overactive liver according to Sahaja Yoga. The right Nabhi catches when the liver becomes overactive while, as mentioned earlier, the left Nabhi catches with a lethargic liver.

What to eat when your liver is overactive?

If you are a right-sided person and if you have an overactive liver you should avoid taking meat and fish, especially in the summer season. Fish contains phosphorus which ignites the liver. You should eat watermelon and mangoes in the summer season to enlarge your contracted liver. The main thing is to somehow cool down the liver and so, as said before, ice can also be applied externally on the liver portion of the stomach.

Another great product to cool your liver (heated liver gets contracted) is to eat Gulkand. Other than that you can also eat sugar, sugar candy, and cardamom as these are also extremely good for an overactive liver but you must not use them at all if you have a lethargic liver and you are suffering from allergies. Mother has said sugar is very important for the liver and so you can also make use of sugarcane juice for the liver.

Also, there is a strong connection between attention and the liver. And so, if your liver is not alright the attention cannot be alright. Children who don't have good attention should work on their liver. Just make sure to know if they are suffering from a contracted liver or an enlarged liver before applying the treatment.

Plz note: all that mentioned above is based on Mother's lectures as in this youtube video.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice