How Biggest Monster Pizza of 3 feet is prepared? (see video)

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The American Connection Restaurant
There is a restaurant in the city of New Delhi (India) known by the name > The American Connection Diner. This restaurant is located in Kalkaji, New Delhi. The complete address is given below.

2nd Floor, F-1, -110019, Main Market, Kalkaji, New Delhi.
Phone: 011 4039 1977

The nearest metro station to this restaurant is the Nehru Enclave.

This restaurant offers a Pizza of 34 inches (almost 3 feet) which is the biggest you will see in any Indian restaurant. The Pizza is in a rectangular shape with different toppings on its different portions. You can also order custom toppings as per your own requirements. You might not have seen such a big Pizza in your life in India though in foreign countries like America such Pizzas are quite common. That is also the reason the restaurant has been given the name > The American Connection as they are copying their idea from America.

If you want to know how this monster pizza is prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant then you can watch this youtube video. 4kg cheese is applied in the pizza. This big size pizza is prepared in a special stone oven and not the wooden oven. The raw pizza is just baked for 5 mins in the oven and then the toppings are applied that of onion, corn, capsicum, paneer etc. So it doesn't really take much time to prepare this big pizza as the oven is of the same size as the pizza itself. Tandori sauce is also applied on the baked pizza. The pizza can be cut into triangular slices to serve different people.

You can order this pizza as veg or non-veg both depending on your personal preference. This pizza will cost you INR 3400 with toppings as provided by the restaurant cook otherwise it will cost INR 3499 if you need your own toppings. This one single pizza can be used to serve as many as 12 -15 people at a time and so good for parties and picnic.

You can also order the pizza as half veg and half non-veg if you want to. There is also a cash prize offered by the restaurant owner where they offer an amount of Rs.34000 to the person who can eat and finish this complete pizza in 34 minutes. The timing of the restaurant is from 12 am to 12 pm. This restaurant also offers a monster shake (Rs.400) and monster non-veg burger (Rs.849).

Monster Pizza Kalkaji New Delhi

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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