Can it be that your fear in this life is because of past life? (Spirituality and Religion)

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Past life therapy on Chunkey Pandey
There are times when you always have fear and insecurity of something in your heart and you don't find any reason why this is happening to you only. This still happens even if you have not suffered from any misfortunes in this life.

To let you know this might be due to the reason that some unforeseen incident might have happened at the time when you died in your previous life. To give you an example, a person was always fearful of water and he never used to go near any of the water reservoirs such as ponds, lakes, sea, well, etc. Later in life, that person was told by an astrologer that this was happening because in the previous life he died of drowning.

You may not trust this so I will give you another example with proof. You must be knowing about Chunkey Pandey, a great Indian film actor. He had a problem that he could not sleep properly. There was something always in his subconscious mind that any of the doors or windows were not properly closed (of his room) whenever he used to sleep. And so he used to get up from his sleep many a time just to check if all the doors and windows were properly closed and that was really disturbing for him. The problem was he was not even feeling secure in his own home.

To resolve this problem Chunkey Pandey went to a famous clinical psychologist Dr. Trupti Jayin. Dr. Trupti Jayin has got special powers to send any person to his previous life via his subconscious mind. This is called past life therapy. Past life therapy helps relieve physical, emotional, relationship and spiritual blocks which may be making your life miserable. You can watch this youtube video where she is performing her actions on the actor Chunkey Pandey to send him to his previous life via his subconscious mind.

During the process of past life therapy, Chunkey Pandey could see, through his subconscious mind, that when he died last (previous life) as a human being it was through someone who stabbed him (with a knife) on his back. It was some girl (named Rebecca) who did this while he was in a ship. Chunkey Pandey revealed to Trupti Jayin that he was the captain of the ship at the time when he was killed during a sea journey. At that time he had a fear he should not go out of the cabin of the ship, otherwise, he will be killed and ultimately he was killed when he came out of the cabin.

The whole process actually healed Chunkey Pandey of his fear because now he was convinced that all the fear he had in this life was just because of all that happened in the past life. He was not a believer of rebirth but after going through the past life therapy he was convinced that his sleep problem was because of his fear in his subconscious mind and by just knowing that > his problem of insomnia was resolved and after that, he never bothered whether all the doors and windows of his room were properly closed or not during his sleep.

Another good example could be of Mahima Choudhary, an Indian actress. She was always fearful while in a running car and she used to instruct the driver not to increase the speed of the car beyond 40 km/hr. This is because she died in a car accident in her previous life. She revealed this after going through the 'past life therapy' and here is the video of the same.

It is clear now that some problems in us are just because of something stored in our subconscious mind from previous lives or otherwise. You go to the doctors and spend a lot of money on medical testings and nothing really comes out. Just think if your problem is real or only related to your subconscious mind? The reality is that we all are a soul which never dies but simply changes body through different deaths and rebirths. That is also the reason detachment should be there from all the things of the life whether relations or wealth or something else. If we are attached to something at the time of our death > that enter into our subconscious mind and creates a problem in the next life.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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