What is the proof that astrology really works and if you can trust an astrologer?

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Astrology can tell about the future and past of a person. Actually, the thing is > the future of every person on this earth is already fixed. The karmas that are going to be accomplished by each and every human being on this earth was already decided by the Universe or so-called God and no one can change it. Now when > what is going to come in the future is already fixed then why can't future be predicted?

For example, it is already fixed to whom you are going to get married and the number of children you will be having. Also, it is fixed whom your sons or/and daughters are going to get married and how many children they will be having and so on. When everything that is going to come in the future is already fixed then why can't it be predicted? If what that was coming in the future was not fixed then we would have argued it is not possible to predict the future. Even the scientific instruments are able to predict the future about the likelihood of rain, storms, earthquakes, etc then why can't planets predict the future of humans?

An astrological book named Bhrigu Samhita was written by Maharishi Bhrigu who was a sage and son of Brahma. Bhrigu Hrishi was a realized soul, and he could see the future and past, through his third eye, while in meditation. So, it was not difficult for him to write about, what that was coming in the future. He wrote the horoscope of all the mankind going to take birth in the future, in his astrological classic Bhrigu Samhita. You can read more about it here.

As a proof, the copies of this book is still available in different parts of India and I have written more about it in the link I mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can visit the city > Hoshiarpur in the state of Punjab, India and in that book you can find your own name and the names of all those who were your ancestors and also all those who will be the part of your future family.

There is a scientific term called > precognition and Wikipedia has a nice article on this term. Precognition means psychic ability to see events in the future. So, unless it was possible to predict the future through psychic abilities and through Astrology the word "precognition" wouldn't have originated from anywhere. It says precognition has been widely believed in throughout history but there is no any scientific evidence and so thrown into the category of pseudoscience which is nothing but predicting the future through Astrology, Numerology, etc.

Also, you don't need proof of something that is logical. The science of Astrology is quite logical and makes perfect sense. For example, everyone knows that in real life Sun is hot and the moon is cold. In Vedic Astrology there are twelve houses and the 4th house is considered of comforts and physical home and 4th house is also the night time when you sleep.

Now many people have their Sun placed in the 4th house (especially in the sign of Virgo) in their Astrological birth chart (horoscope) and they are not able to sleep properly at night. This is because Sun is a hot planet and when it is placed in the 4th house of sleep (rest) it creates problem in the sleep. On that other hand, those having moon in the 4th house sleep very peacefully at night. This makes perfect sense as in real life also it is difficult to sleep unless there is complete darkness in the room (the light of Sun and the artificial lights are just the same thing). So here through the location of the planet Sun and Moon, we could predict something. This was just an example, there is a lot more that can be predicted by knowing the placement of Sun and Moon and other planets in the birth horoscope.

People who are into Astrology could feel the reason for certain events happening in their life because of the type of planetary positions often triggering those kinds of events. Unless someone goes into the depth of this subject, the mind will remain in doubt whether Astrology really works or not. But once you go a little bit into it everything will be clear and all the doubts will come to rest.

But it is for sure you cannot trust an astrologer because the knowledge of astrology is so vast and complicated that no one can perfect it and so there is no any guarantee that the prediction will be accurate though most of the time astrologers are accurate especially those having 10-50 years of experience. People like K N Rao having more than 40 years of experience in Vedic Astrology can mostly predict accurately.

I would also recommend you to follow the youtube channel of Kapiel Raaj and 10-year-old astrologer Abhigya to get an idea of how accurate an astrologer could be.

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