Tiruchendur Temple - Why women cannot enter if wearing Jeans?

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English People in traditional Indian dress
The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court initially imposed a dress code for devotees visiting any of the South Indian Temples in general (effective from January 1, 2016). Tiruchendur temple is also situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The women were restricted to wear only sarees or salwar suits and men could only wear plain trousers or dhoti. In other words, the visitors were banned for wearing luxury clothes such as jeans, skirts, and shorts.

But the dress code was later suspended on January 11, 2016, and from then there is still no impose of the dress code again. You are free to enter the temples in whichever dress you want to. If someone from the temple authorities opposes you, you are free to take action against them.

But the thing is you will not be allowed to enter the temple of Tiruchendur unless you bring a policeman with you or notice of the court for the permission to enter the temple wearing your desired clothes. The temple authorities would have to surrender then but in general, they won't give you the entry with luxury clothes.

But would you be wasting your time doing that? Instead, you can hire a proper dress, available outside the temple, as per the requirements of the temple for INR 20 and wear it and then easily enter the temple. Or don't bother visiting the temple as you will not be allowed unless following the dress code.

The thing is traditions need to be followed. At a sacred place, you need to wear clothes which doesn't look attractive as you are going for worship and not a club. If you will go to a disco club in a dhoti people will laugh at you because it will look odd. Clubs won't even give you an entry. Similarly, you are supposed to wear decent clothes when you visit a place like a temple.

Temples are not meant for fun and entertainment. You disrespect the Deities known for those temples when you don't follow the traditions. That is the only thing. Murugan or Kartikeya is the deity associated with the Tiruchendur Temple and Murugan is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. When Kartikeya gets angry with your deeds you never know what could happen in your life. Morality and self-respect are important for the Deity Kartikeya as he is the brother of Shri Ganesha who is the major deity for moral values. When we don't wear decent clothes there are no moral values in us.

So if you are planning a trip to the Tiruchendur Temple it will be better to bring a colorless pajama or a trouser or pant (without any design on it) or Dhoti. The shirt should also be non-designer (plain) if possible. Forget wearing jeans in the temple. But you can wrap dhoti over your jeans. Girls and women should not wear pants or trousers which are meant for men or boys. You need to wear Salwar Kurti. See here English people wearing traditional Indian clothes and they are looking so nice and they are so humble. Taking photos inside the temple is also not allowed.

If you cannot be humble regarding the traditions of the place you are visiting then what is even the use of visiting that place? Being humble from inside and following the rules is actually the real worship and not just doing all the rituals at the temple.

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