Golghar : 24 interesting facts about it

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Golghar, Patna, Bihar
What is Golghar all about?

You can write an essay on Golghar by using the facts about Golghar as below.

1) Golghar is one of the most iconic monuments of Bihar, Patna.

2) The height of Golghar is 29 meters.

3) The diameter (or width) of Golghar is 129 meters.

4) Since it was built as a means of granary it can store up to 1,400 tonnes of grain.

5) Golghar is built in a way that there are no pillars to withstand its roof. It is amazing how it withstands itself without the pillars.

6) In the 17th century, it was the tallest structure in the city of Patna, Bihar.

7) It was constructed and completed within just 30 months.

8) The making of Golghar was ordered by the first de-facto governor-general of India, Warren Hastings (from 1773 to 1785) but it was designed and completed by Major General John Garstin of Bengal Engineers.

9) The construction of Golghar was completed on 20 July, 1786.

10) The purpose of the built of Golghar was to store grains during times of drought and other emergencies such as floods.

11) The thickness of the wall of Golghar is 3.6 meter.

12) There are 4 gates to enter into the Golghar.

13) It is also one of the attractive tourist places in the city of Bihar, Patna.

14) There are two spiral staircases in the Golghar to reach the terrace of the building.

15) There are 145 steps in each staircase.

16) After reaching the terrace of the Golghar, using the staircase, the view of the city of Patna is amazing. Historic Gandhi Maidan and Ganga river can be watched from the top of Golghar.

17) The management of Golghar now runs a laser show (on a digital film screen) inside the Golghar which is about knowing the history of Patliputra (the current city of Patna).

18) You can also hear your echo repeated almost 27-32 times inside the Golghar by shouting just one word or sentence.

19) The campus of Golghar has now an open-air theatre and a small playground for kids.

20) The campus also has a lot of greenery for people to sit and relax.

21) The main reason behind the construction of Golghar was the drought of 1770 which killed 10 million people from the state of Bihar and Bengal. So it was built to stock the grains for emergencies such as drought and floods.

22) The laborers were supposed to use the staircase on one side and reach the top of the Golghar (terrace) where they could find a hole of 2 feet 7 inches to release the bags of grains inside the Golghar. Then they were supposed to come down using the other staircase on the other side.

23) The Golghar can be compared with 'Mohammed Adil Shah Makbara'.

24) The address is > Golghar, Park Rd, Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

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