Is there any harm to give my birth details to an Astrologer?

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In olden days, when there was no technology like internet, giving away the birth details of a person to an astrologer was considered risky especially if there were some dark secrets associated with that person. At that time people mostly used to go to an astrologer near their home or a nearby village as at that time getting the readings online via the internet was not possible.

In such a situation, the risk was > the astrologer could know everything about you from your birth chart (horoscope) and disclose it to the people of your village or your society. Even if he had disclosed it to just one or two people who were close to him, it could have spread all over the society via the word of mouth. So, if there was any dark secret associated with that person it could have spoiled the reputation of that person in the society and that would have made his/her life difficult in different ways. That is the reason, in olden days it was risky to disclose the birth details to an Astrologer. But usually, it was not so because a good astrologer would never disclose due to the reason that his own reputation, as an astrologer, could have also been affected.

If an astrologer cannot keep his clients' information confidential then why would anyone trust him in getting further readings from him?

Also, in olden days the life of a person was confined to a smaller society where anything negative could spread like a wildfire. But now, in this 21st century, it is not so as the societies have become global with the evolution of the internet. You could get the readings for your horoscope online (from behind the scenes) and you don't even need to face the astrologer with your physical body in front of him. Also, if both the client and the astrologer are from different cities there is no risk of your dark secrets being revealed to someone close to you or the society you live in. Then what's the fear of giving away your birth details?

There was a time when it was hard for an astrologer to get the customers as the world was not a global space due to the absence of the internet. So they could spend time in gossiping and this would have made them reveal the secrets of their clients to their friends and relatives which could have spread throughout the society you lived in. But now it is not so. The popular astrologers are getting so many orders per day there is not even enough time with them to look at the negativities of others and spread a word about them all over. They are simply busy in making money. Infect most of the world today is busy in making money as there is so much to learn and share over the internet.

But you should not give your birth details publicly where the general public can get access to it and check your horoscope in their own software. To give you an example, there is a famous astrologer on youtube by the name Dr. H S Rawat. Whenever he uploads a new video there is a chat box offered where the general public can ask questions to Dr. H S Rawat and you can see people just throwing their birth details in the chatbox.

The problem is many people who are learning astrology can get your birth details from the chatbox and try to learn something from it of what you asked Dr. H S Rawat. This gives them a free learning experience as this gives them a practical experience regarding Astrology. For example, if you asked a question to Dr. H S Rawat in the chatbox when will you get a government job it means you are looking for a government job and this gives an idea to an astrologer (who is trying to learn) what kind of combinations could be there in the birth chart for a government job seeking person. Even they can publish your birth horoscope on some of their websites or use it to teach others if they are an Astrology teacher. So you should avoid throwing your birth details in the public though it doesn't seem like there is any risk involved.

Also, why you should worry about giving your birth time and date details if you are sure that there are no dark secrets associated with your life. Also, in olden days something like "divorce" or "love marriage" people can't even think of. But now it's common and no one is even ashamed about it. Even if you are worried just read the 'terms of use' and 'privacy policies' offered by the astrologer before taking a reading from them and if it is mentioned there that they don't disclose your private information to others then this is safe to deal with them. In that case, you can even file a case against them if they somehow disclosed your birth details or personal information without your permission. Just make sure to take a screenshot of that disclosure before taking an action against the astrologer.

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