Can Saturn in Pisces in 2nd house grow your business network or talent?

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Aquarius Rising people generally controls a large group of people or they represent the masses. Many of the Aquarius Ascendant people are public speakers as they are social workers and motivational speakers. That is the reason the sign of Aries falls on their 3rd house of communication and marketing. Aries is a sign of aggression and when you represent the masses you need to be an aggressive communicator. You cannot motivate or control a large group of the audience unless you have that willpower which the sign of Aries provides in the third house of courage.

Pisces sign on the 2nd house for an Aquarius rising shows these people are very spiritual when it comes to wealth (unless Jupiter (ruler of Pisces) gets debilitated) as the 2nd house is of wealth and sensual pleasures of life. You also get sensual pleasures when you perform activities like music, dance, acting, etc other than when you eat. You also express your divinity or spirituality (the sign of Pisces) through music and dance. That is the reason when Venus is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 2nd house you become extremely creative and engage yourself in things like arts, music, painting, singing, dance, acting, etc.

But here we want to know what Saturn will do in the sign of Pisces. Saturn is a planet of action. For example, right now if I am writing then I am performing an action of writing and writing is represented by the sign of Gemini and so right now my Saturn is in the sign of Gemini.

Similarly, when Saturn is placed in the sign of Pisces your life's main action will be to use your discretion and intuition power as the sign of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and the action Jupiter does is using the wisdom, knowledge, and discretion in your mind. Jupiter also helps you in intuition especially if Jupiter is placed in the sign of Cancer or if Moon is placed in it. For example, when you are playing chess the only action is using your discretion and mind to play and somehow win the game. That is what it means when Saturn is located in the sign of Pisces. Your action becomes using your wisdom, knowledge, and discretion.

Also, since Pisces is a sign of expansion Saturn in the sign of Pisces expands the network of your products or services or your authority as Saturn rules Aquarius which is nothing but distribution and also rules Capricorn which is your authority, name and fame of your business brand or talent.

Saturn in the 2nd house in the sign of Pisces makes you grow your network for products and services related to Venus such as food, finances, luxury items, etc. This is because the 2nd house is ruled by Venus in the default zodiac. This is actually a powerful Dhan Yoga. It can give a lot of wealth in life if Venus or 'Jupiter and Venus both' are placed in the 2nd house along with Saturn. Pisces is a sign of expansion and so it can expand your network of business and services (your family assets) and thus giving a lot of wealth.

Also, Ascendant or Rising Sign tells the purpose of life. When the 1st lord is placed in the 2nd house the purpose in life becomes to acquire wealth and take care of the family as the 2nd house is also of your family. Aquarius in general (which is also your ascendant lord) is a distributor and so the purpose also becomes to grow your distributor network for your family business as the 2nd house is of family business also. Also, if Venus is placed along with Saturn in the 2nd house your creative talent (such as singing, artwork etc.) could expand to masses and it can make you a lot of money.

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