What will you experience if your Venus is debilitated in your birth chart in Astrology?

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When Venus is in the sign of Virgo in your Vedic birth chart it is said to be debilitated. We all human beings are actually soul and soul is an ocean of love, peace, and complete satisfaction. Venus also represents love and pleasure and so it is our ability to enjoy.

You cannot enjoy something that is against your soul and Virgo is a sign of > bow down to someone or something and work hard and accomplish complicated tasks. Venus is all about pleasure and not something to accomplish difficult tasks and that is the reason Virgo and Venus are totally opposite signs by nature and so Venus gets debilitated in the sign of Virgo.

Since Venus is your ability to enjoy, you cannot enjoy once it is debilitated. But the results of debilitated Venus are different in different houses.

If your Venus is debilitated in the first house (that will be the case if you are a Virgo Ascendant) then it may affect your personality as the 1st house is the house of your physical self and personality. You may not have the sense to dress properly. For example, you may wear a dress that is a combination of green-trouser and red-shirt which will look odd. People may laugh at your dressing sense.

You may also look ugly and other people may not love you if Venus is debilitated in the first house. You may also be self-critical. I mean you may doubt yourself whether you look beautiful or not. You may ask Why? This is because Venus is beauty and love and sense of wearing good clothes also comes from Venus and so when it gets debilitated it becomes simply opposite of its true nature and then you behave accordingly. Read in more details here > Venus debilitated in the 1st house.

If Venus is debilitated in the 7th house (for Pisces Ascendant) then it may create problems in your relationships and partnerships as 7th house is also ruled by Venus and Libra side of Venus (as Venus rules two signs > Taurus and Libra) is all about relationships and partnerships. 7th house is also the house of relationship with your spouse. So, your spouse may not love you if Venus is debilitated in the 7th house.

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. I already wrote that Venus is Laxmi and so Venus is the significator of wealth. So you may also be deprived of wealth if Venus is debilitated, especially in the 2nd house (for LEO Ascendant) as the 2nd house is the house of wealth (since by default Venus rules the 2nd house). Virgo is also a sign of poverty and so Venus here may give poverty.

You see those people working on the streets (for example cart and rickshaw pullers) and construction sites. Many of those have their Venus debilitated in their birth chart. Debilitated Venus makes you work hard to earn money as Virgo is hard work and Venus is money. Virgo is a sign of struggling. But there is a lot more that can happen when Venus is debilitated in the 2nd house.

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Debilitated Venus is more of a problem when it is so in the Navamsa Chart (D9 chart) because the situation of planets in the Navamsa tells how your Venus is from inside. The birth chart is your life's situation and so debilitated Venus in the birth chart may not be a great issue.

For example, right from the childhood if you had the passion (love) to help the sick people or underprivileged people and later in life you became a nurse then obviously in your birth chart your Venus (significator of love) should appear in the Virgo sign only because Virgo sign is the only sign of serving or curing people suffering from bad health and you love to do that. But then it doesn't mean your Venus (ability to enjoy) is feeling debilitated from inside.

But of course, debilitated Venus could be problematic if it is happening in the 1st, 2nd or 7th house even in the birth chart as Venus, by default, rules those houses and the trouble can actually be seen in life's situation as Venus's own qualities are affected in these houses. Though Venus doesn't rule the first house (by default) but there is an aspect from the 7th house to the first house. Venus has only 1 aspect. However, any aspect from Jupiter to the debilitated Venus can somewhat help but cannot completely eliminate the bad situation. The major problem comes when Venus is debilitated both in the Navamsa and the birth chart. Then your life sucks.

Debilitated Venus may affect your love and romance and also creativity if it is happening in the 5th house as 5th house represents love and romance and creativity. Also, it means you love arguments related to politics and higher authorities such as film stars. Debilitated Venus may also give losses if you are into gambling (like stock markets or any other way). Also, you love arguing with your customers and with children (if you are a teacher) as the sign of Virgo is all about arguments and disputes. Read more here > Venus debilitated in the 5th house.

But the debilitated state of Venus is considered canceled if mercury(the ruler of Virgo sign) or Rahu is also sitting with Venus. In that case, you don't need to worry about debilitated Venus as then it cannot be considered as debilitated. Or when Rahu is sitting with Venus in the sign of Virgo then also Venus cannot be considered as debilitated as Rahu amplifies the sign or planet it sits with. So it amplifies debilitated Venus to make it a normal Venus.

Also, the debilitated Venus creates more problem only when you are running the period of Venus, like Mahadasha or Antardasha. If you want to improve your Venus first you should know why Venus gets debilitated?. There is also a strong co-relation between Mars and Venus. When Mars is weak Venus also gets weaker. Read more here > How Mars and Venus are co-related.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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