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Rahu will fall on the sign of Cancer if it is placed in the 8th house for Sagittarius Ascendant. There are three Nakshatras associated with the sign of Cancer and those are Pushya, Ashlesha and Punarvasu Nakshatra. You need to know in the astrological software which exact Nakshatra and Pada your Rahu falls in and accordingly, the results will vary.

Pushya Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of nourishment and unconditional love > just like a mother's love is unconditional for her child. Sign of Cancer is also a sign of nourishment and showing feelings and emotions towards others. Lord Rama and Bharat (Rama's brother) were born in this Nakshatra. This is considered the purest Nakshatra of all the 27 Nakshatras.

When Rahu is placed in the Pushya Nakshatra the person gets obsessed about nourishing other people and this can be done in different ways. One way to nourish is to serve food. You could find many people running restaurants and hotels having their Rahu placed in the Pushya Nakshatra or the sign of cancer. The best thing about them is they provide services at the lowest possible rates or they are doing it just out of love without charging anything and the money comes through donations.

This is because this Nakshatra is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is a sacrifice. So here the person wants to help and serve others at the lowest possible rates even if he has to sacrifice his own profits. But since Rahu is a materialistic planet it could do all the charity work to get the name and fame. On the other hand, the Moon in this Nakshatra doesn't demand anything in return. Rahu could also make the person a cook when placed in this Nakshatra as 8th house represents transformation and cooking is also transformation. This Nakshatra is even better than Ashlesha and Punarvasu I mentioned above.

Nourishment is not just about serving food but one can nourish others by making homes for them or through their acting skills they can entertain and nourish others. For example, Aamir Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Hrithik Roshan were also born in Pushya Nakshatra and that is the reason they are known to be the best actors in the Bollywood.

When you do acting you express your feelings and emotions through communication and different expressions and that is nothing but the representation of the sign of Cancer. Also, the homes we live in are for our comforts and security which is also represented by the sign of Cancer. So, with Rahu placed in the sign of cancer the person could also go into acting or even making beautiful homes for people. But since Rahu is natural malefic it would do this to make a lot of money.

If Rahu is placed in the Pushya Nakshatra the native could be a great politician or someone who is involved in social welfare. I said "a great politician" probably because such politician would serve the people out of love and not due to his own selfish reasons. The king (politicians nowadays) needs to be of that kind and Lord Rama was like that having Moon in the cancer sign though not Rahu.

Ashlesha Nakshatra is also a Nakshatra of nurturing others (as it falls on the Cancer sign) but here it is for selfish reasons. Snakes represent this Nakshatra and so it has something to do with the poison. In this Nakshatra, the healing or nurturing is done by removing the poison. In olden days these were people who used to remove the poison from people bitten by a snake.

But nowadays the poison basically represents the English medicines which, in a way, are poisons used as medicines to remove the body poison. It basically represents the Pharmaceutical industry in the current age. That is the reason you could find many doctors or people in the pharmaceutical industry having Rahu in the Ashlesha Nakshatra. The job of a doctor or nurse is to nurture and give their love and emotions to their patients.

But there is a difference when a doctor has its Rahu in Ashlesha and some other doctor who has his Rahu in Pushya. Doctors with Pushya will charge you less and will cure you in a natural way (such as by giving you Ayurvedic medicines which don't have any poison or side effects) while doctors with Rahu in Ashlesha will cure you through poison (English medicine) and also will charge you much more.

The native could also be in clothes manufacturing business with this placement of Rahu in the sign of cancer in the 8th house as 8th house is of transformation and manufacturing is nothing but transformation. But people with Rahu in Pushya will offer better quality and low rates than people with Rahu in Ashlesha. This difference will remain there. Money is the main motive with 'Rahu in Ashlesha' people.

Clothing is a representation of the 4th house as we need clothes to protect our body and 4th house is of our security and conveniences. So when we make clothes to serve humanity it is nothing but nurturing (the 4th house). People who are engaged in milk dairies and butter supplying or manufacturing also have the placement of Rahu in the sign of Cancer. Many vegetables, fruits, and grain sellers could also find their Rahu in the sign of Cancer in the 8th house. Things which are buried underground such oil, coal, petroleum, gold, silver, etc are also the things of the 8th house and people with Rahu in the 8th house could be engaged in the trading or speculative business of such products. When you gamble in some way in your business it is also an 8th house activity.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra is also about creating something for the basic necessities of life such as home, food, and shelter which the sign of cancer represents. You will find these people engaged in the real estate and property businesses or the shopping centers businesses.

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