Sahaja Yoga : Songs or Bhajans that give a lot of cool vibrations. Which are they?

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If you are practicing Sahaja Yoga then you might be looking for some kind of music that can give a lot of vibrations at the time of meditation and make your day. The thing is some Sahaja Yogis, who are singers, are very deep while others are not that much. This difference will remain there as each one of us are at a different stage of the evolution of our spirituality. This is the reason some of the bhajans or songs can heal our heart more deeper when it comes to meditation or enjoyment of the soul while others cannot.

When I sit for daily meditation (after taking my bath) in the morning I make use of this recorded Pooja on youtube: Shri Shivratri Pooja 2019 which starts with the three Maha Mantras but later you can find several bhajans and Stootis and listening to those during your meditation should surely make your day. I don't really choose anything that doesn't touch my heart. Also, I feel the divinity is at its highest level in the Bhajans sung in the recorded Pooja I mentioned above. So you should try it > to me it gives a lot of cool vibrations and also the kind of thoughtlessness I expect. There is also a short 8-minute speech of mother in between but usually, I skip that.

Though, in general, we should not discriminate between the songs or bhajans sung for the mother but we have to choose something for the meditation. Also, meditation makes more sense when done with music as then you are less distracted with the things of the outside world (even thoughts in your mind). Also, when a song touches your heart it makes you go deep in meditation as then your soul wants to enjoy the pleasure coming out of the music. Even the mother has said it is important to listen to Sahaja Yoga Bhajans or music in general as that opens our heart. When our heart is open kundalini rises more better as the heart is connected to the Sahasrara Chakra.

The other song I make use of during the night time for meditation is the song > "Maya Tere Charano Ki Dhool Jo Mil Jaye" as recorded and published on this youtube video. This song was sung by the Sahaja Yoga Yuva Shakti at a large international exhibition held in 2015 (Milan Expo 2015) in the city of Milan, Italy. The youtube channel where this is uploaded is known by the name "Nirmalights" which includes the name of Mother. I could not find a deeper song than this in my life. It deeply touches my heart. I think this song takes divinity to the highest level. You must make use of it for your meditation.

Also, the quality speaks for itself. Nirmalights have uploaded many song videos but the one I mentioned above have gone most popular and receiving the maximum number of visits every day than any other song. The vibrations are just amazing with this Bhajan or song. Also, just look at the faces of those Sahaja Yogis performing and they look so innocent and charming. From their faces, it looks they value Sahaja Yoga a lot which is not much seen in India. Indians are more about making money.

There is another Bhajan sung by a child Sahaja Yogi (around 12 years) > "Jaye Jaye Jaye Jage Janani" and this should also deeply touch your heart. Just go to this youtube video to listen to it but the child will sing after 15 minutes or so in the video. Before that, there are a few other Bhajans recorded which are also very good. These people are deeply attached to Mother and their heart and soul is all about singing.

Also, Mukhi Ram's Bhajans cannot be ignored when it comes to the highest level of divinity and here is one song by him (sung in Russia - Aisa do Hume Gyan) which looks quite promising. I like this very much. But the thing is everyone has their own choice and taste and so I can't be sure if you will also like what I suggested here. But these are certainly my choices and also these have a lot of cool vibrations to feel. Russians are already dancing on this Bhajan in the video.

If you have better suggestions then email me (make use of the contact form on the site).

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