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Rahu will fall on the sign of Virgo when placed in the 8th house for an Aquarius Ascendant. There are three Nakshatras that falls in the sign of Virgo which are Hasta, Chitra and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra. In the astrological software, you need to look at exactly which Nakshatra and which Pada your Rahu falls in and that is going to give better prediction what you are obsessed about in life as Rahu is an obsession and pretty much your life's mission.

This article will be more general in nature covering everything that could be possible when Rahu is placed in the sign of Virgo in the 8th house. Virgo is actually a very complicated and practical sign and so you perform complicated and difficult tasks when Rahu is placed in the sign of Virgo. For example, you can perform different types of magic tricks especially if Rahu is in the sign of Virgo in the Hasta Nakshatra. This is because 8th house is of transformation and when you do magic it is nothing but transformation. Also, there are a lot of complications involved when doing the magic tricks which the sign of Virgo represents. If you have ever solved a Rubik's cube you would know how much complicated this is.

But Virgo is also a sign of health and healing and since Moon rules the Hasta Nakshatra you could also be obsessed about healing other people (such as doctors and nurses) with this placement of Rahu. You may also go into the hospitality industry as serving food and medicines both are nothing but healing others which the sign of Virgo represents. Also, 8th house is 5th from the 4th house of nurturing and so it is also a house of your identity (anything 5th is identity and reputation) as a healer. Virgo is also a sign of cleaning and so you may also be obsessed about providing cleaning services.

You may think cleaning is not something represented by the 8th house but the thing is Rahu's aspect is there on the 4th house (of home and garden, nurturing, hospitality, cleaning, etc) and the 12th house from the 8th house. Rahu has 5th, 7th, and 9th aspects which is quite basic astrology. Also, Hasta Nakshatra is all about using your hands to accomplish difficult and detail-oriented work as Virgo is a sign of work (a practical sign).

If your Rahu is in pada 3 (ruled by Mercury) of the Hasta Nakshatra you could be into writing that will involve complications or it will be a detail-oriented work such as involving long drafts. Book and film editors can also be seen with this placement of Rahu. "Behind the scenes" or mass media is seen from 12th house and directly opposite is the 6th house ruled by Virgo in the natural zodiac. So all the complications involved in film editing (mass media in general) is also the representation of Virgo. In other words, all the complicated and detail-oriented work involved in the world of media such as video editing. Carpenters are also seen from Hasta Nakshatra as it is a very difficult job involving hands. Hasta means "hands" in Sanskrit.

When you do things like painting and drawing this job is also very minute and detail-oriented and so Virgo is involved but it is the creative side of Virgo represented by Venus of Pada 2 of the Hasta Nakshatra. Also, 8th house is 5th from the 4th house and anything 5th is creativity and so 8th is the creativity of the 4th house (ruled by Moon and Cancer sign). Cancer is a water sign and this sign and the sign of Taurus are involved in drawing and painting.

You could even be a boxer as boxing involves a lot of difficulties (Virgo) and you also use your hands in boxing which Hasta Nakshatra represents. You could also become an engineer in the medical field as Mars is engineering and Mars rules the pada 1 of the Hasta nakshatra.

If your Rahu is in the sign of Virgo in Chitra Nakshatra you could go into the field of web design, web programming and software and app development which involves a lot of coding and coding is not easy to do and so represented by the sign of Virgo. Also, the 8th house represents all the hidden things and codes are hidden. Pada 1 of Chitra Nakshatra is ruled by Sun and this is really the pada which can take you to the film directing as Sun is a director as he is the king of the film industry. So Rahu in this pada is very good for film editing or directing.

Also, Mars rules the Chitra Nakshatra and Mars is an engineer whether web (like a web programmer) or an engineer of machines and vehicles. Also, an astronomer can be seen from pada 2 of the Chitra Nakshatra as this Nakshatra represents shiny objects which are also stars in the sky. Many jewelers can also be seen from this Nakshatra other than Architects as the deity associated with this Nakshatra is Vishwakarma who is the God of divine engineering of the Universe.

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