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4th house represents your heart (dil). For Aquarius Ascendant the sign of Taurus falls on their 4th house and so Venus rules their 4th house. Venus is enjoyment and pleasure and so the Aquarius Ascendants need that pleasure inside their heart.

Since the sign of Libra falls on the 9th house there are three nakshatras which fall on the sign of Libra and they are Chitra, Swati, and Vishakha and so the Venus in the 9th house will be located in any of the three Nakshatras. You can check in the astrological software which Nakshatra and it's pada Venus is placed in and that should give a better idea about what Venus will do in the 9th house.

If Venus is placed in the Chitra Nakshatra in the 3rd pada (3rd pada is ruled by Venus) then you could be very much interested in arts, crafts, and painting and also making relationships with people at distant locations as Venus is relationships and 9th house is of collecting information from distant places (or foreign countries). It means your heart (4th house) is all the time into chatting or talking over the phone with your relatives and friends at distant locations (also foreign countries).

It also means you could have a passion to meet people of different cultures and so you could also travel a lot if, for example, Mars is also seated in the 9th house along with Venus and Rahu is placed in the 12th house of isolation and foreign places. Mars makes you move (as Mars is energy) and Rahu in the 12th house shows obsession in loneliness or obsession in moving to foreign lands and places. But this is more so if your Venus is placed in the Visakha Nakshatra than the Chitra as the deity of Visakha is the wind which means to wander (travel).

People who build homes or involved in the home remodeling also have this placement of 4th lord Venus in the 9th house especially in the Pada 4 of the Chitra Nakshatra which is ruled by Mars. Mars is a builder as it is the significator of the 4th house and also represents home and land. Chitra is really the Nakshatra of creativity as it is ruled by the deity Vishvakarma who is considered as the divine engineer of the universe. When Lanka was destroyed by Hanumana Vishvakarma re-built it in just a few days. Independent contractors are also seen with this placement of Venus.

9th house is actually 6th from the 4th house and so with respect to that 9th house is also the house of service for home remodeling and home construction. Just like a 6th house is the service of your physical self similarly 9th house is the service of 4th house as it is 6th from the 4th house of your home and homeland. You may also provide home and garden related services when 4th lord Venus is placed in the 9th house.

Since 6th house is also of your debt similarly 9th house is the house of loan taken for home as it is 6th from the 4th house of your home. So, with this placement of Venus (Venus in 9th house) you may also get into debt especially if 6th house lord moon is placed in the 4th house and Mars (representing your home) is placed in the sign of cancer (debilitated Mars) in the 6th house.

If instead Venus is placed in the Swati Nakshatra you will be very much independent (don't want to be dominated by others) but also devoted in the relationship but need to look at the placement of Venus in Navamsa also for the confirmation.

If Venus is placed in the Swati Nakshatra Pada 1 (ruled by Jupiter) then you may the type of person who will be making a lot of contracts related to law such as a Lawyer as the sign of Libra also represents contracts and 9th house is also of the law.

If Venus is placed in the Swati Nakshatra Pada 2 (ruled by Saturn) then you may be very strict in relationships and your contracts may also be with the government or related to iron, coal, petroleum, oil, diesel, gold, silver, etc. as Libra is a sign of business.

If Venus is placed in the Swati Nakshatra Pada 3 then you may be involved in making relationships for a social cause or spread your business network beyond your own country. Your motive could be to bring something innovative to change the world. Mostly businessmen are seen through this Nakshatra and you could also be an online seller with the placement of Venus in the 9th house as 9th house is also Google search. So, either you do a lot of shopping online or you sell online products related to Venus.

If Venus is placed in the Swati Nakshatra Pada 4 then you will be more about doing business related to spirituality such as arts and crafts, travel deals and advertising through mass media in general. You may also make deals with foreign people with this placement.

If Venus is placed in the Visakha Nakshatra then you will be more about making business deals related to manufacturing and transformation but may also be involved into resolving disputes of other people such as a broker or a lawyer or even a policeman or a priest who take care of performing marriages.

Also, if 4th house lord is placed in the 9th house mother's health could be affected as the 4th house also represents mother and since 9th house is 6th from the 4th house it is the house of diseases of the mother as anything 6th is diseases, debt, and enemies. Sometimes when Saturn is transiting over the 9th house the health of mother could go bad and when Jupiter is transiting over the 9th house the health could improve. If Mars is transiting over the 9th house it could also cause some injury or surgery to mother.

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