Someone Asked Me Why Relationships Fail?

Relationships usually fail when two persons who are in relationships are of different nature. Let me give you an example. Suppose I have two friends of mine. Let us denote them as X and Y. When I go to my friend X he feels very happy to meet me. But when I go to my friend Y he doesn't feel much happy though he doesn't envy me. My friend X is not much interested in studies and he likes the company of others. But my friend Y is a kind of person who is more or less happy within himself and spends most of his time in some kind of work which needs the use of brain. So he won't be much happy when I will go to him because his brain is so much developed that he wants to make use of his brain in studies or some research kind of work to achieve something in life. A person with a good brain feels doing something as challenging where use of brain is required. Then it becomes hard for him to divert his mind from his research work and that is the reason it is difficult for him to make friends and he would try to avoid them as it disturbs the rhythm. Infect such people enjoy their work more than enjoying with friends as they are not materialistic.

Problem with my friend X is that if he doesn't have good brain than studies or doing any kind of research work won't interest him. So he would think to go out with friends and enjoy. So here my relationship with my friend X would be much better (than with my friend Y) as we are of similar nature. Important thing to notice here is that anything which is enjoyable to one person might be irritating for the other person. From the above example it is clear that similarity in the nature of two people is important for the relationship to stay between them.

Some relationships are made out of selfishness and once the goal of selfishness has been achieved the relationship fails as anything done with the motive of one's own benefit only doesn't satisfy the both ends. For relationships to stay both ends should be happy and supportive. You might have heard people saying that marriage is sometimes like a chewing gum which tastes good in the beginning but later the taste fades away. Sometimes, when the taste is completely lost, it is time for the couples to separate as the relationship was made out of lust and sexual attraction. Problem is that most of the couples consider bodily attraction as love which is not true. Sexual attraction and satisfaction is the end result of showing your dedication and faithfulness towards your partner. But the essence of any good relationship is the care and love for each other and morality. But some people do not have moral values in them and they don't even know that they lack this quality as they don't use their discretion.

If a person has morality established in him he will be honest. He will not be particular about any specific religion and he would believe in God. He will know how to be honest in any kind of relationship and he would respect his chastity (here is a good lecture on chastity on youtube). Becoming prostitutes, having sex before marriage, looking at faces of every man or woman who comes in the way, making relationships with other men or women even after marriage, a 50 year old man marrying a 20 year girl, homosexuality etc: all these are signs of immorality. It is the immorality which creates doubts in the minds of couples and as a result of it they cannot stay for long in the relationship.

Materialism is another thing which is very much prominent in this modern world and making people to run away from the truth. What is the truth? Truth is that you have appeared on this earth to do your Karma and not to run behind perishable things. If you have morality and innocence established in you, you won't run behind perishable things.

The true love comes from your soul and that would come from sacrifice and surrender. Take everything whatever life gives whether it is something good or it's a pain and don't argue because nothing is in your control as we have been created by the will of God and he does everything for our benevolence. I am telling this because lots of relationships fail due to materialistic nature of people. People are fighting for property, dowry, goodwill etc. If you are suffering than accept it that you are suffering for your bad deeds in this life or past lives but do not give up your relationships as those are important for future generations.

Don't you think you should sacrifice something for the benevolence of your children? If you don't think that way than you are selfish and lack morality. Your husband may not be able to give you all the comforts which others have but at least you have your food, shelter and clothing because of him? Then you should be happy and surrender to him so that he can earn more for you as the surrendering of women always give power to men. Making children fatherless or motherless is a sin and so the husband and wife relationships should be maintained at any cost.

Please note: The content written here are only my personal views and there is no any theory behind it. I am a follower of Sahaja Yoga and listened to lot of lectures of Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga) and its something based on that but not all. Mother has talked about morality in this youtube video where she said some people have lost their morality.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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